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About the product
  • ★PREMIUM MATERIAL: Food-grade silicone and high-quality stainless steel material make the food tongs durable and anti-rust. With the non-stick silicone tip can directly contact food and protect non-stick pans from scratches. Let you enjoy delicious food without worrying about affecting your health.
  • ★RING - PULL LOCKING MECHANISM DESIGN: The smooth ring pull locking mechanism allows you to close locking tongs easily, and hang silicone tongs in a dry place convenient or put it in your cutlery drawer when you are not using it, making storage simply and saving space.
  • ★FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE: Silicone tongs for cooking are light but durable, meaning you can hold thick steaks, grilled chickens or ribs safely without worrying about them being bent or warped. Heat resistant up to 480F, is not easy to melt.
  • ★FLEXIBLE 3 PCS SILICONE BRUSHES: Whether in the kitchen or pot, barbecue or even on the waffle iron, our silicone brushes are suitable for all kinds of food, including meat, pastries, cakes etc.. It is easy to clean and dries faster. The bristles will not fall off and is not greasy after cleaning.
  • ★FRIENDLY SERVICE & PACKAGING: The package include a 10.43inch & 13inch grill tongs, 3 PCS silicone brushes. Finally, we are committed to providing you with the best products and service. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Special Round Tip
It is 2 days late delivery, but I am satisfied with these cooking tongs and brushes combo. The special silicone head clamps food stable. The smaller tong works good when I mix salad, the flat round side does help to control the volume of adding flavor sauce to salad.
Monique Johnson
lovely tongs
The cooking tongs with round silicone tips are very convenient to grab the food and I am pleased with one large and one small combo with the brushes. The pull ring lock is easy to use and I can use the spare space. Overall, I like these cooking tongs set.
Brittany Ferreira
Nice Tongs
The tongs look nice and the round silicone tips do works for cooking, convenient design. I don't like messy kitchen, and the pull ring lock is easy to store. This pack comes with 3 red brushes, very cute, but did not show in the pics. Do recommend it!!
Stacey Caldwell
Easy to store
These kitchen tongs are easily stored and placed. The stainless steel seems to be quality and this round silicone tip is very easy to clamp the food.
Tracey Evans
Recommend for your kitchen!
LOVE IT!!!I bought this set of tongs for kitchen help,feel very sturdy and well made.
meredith kelly
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