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WILLMAKER Vacuum Suction Cup Hooks, Towel Hooks for Bathrooms, Rustproof Stainless Steel Reusable Heavy Duty Shower Wall Double Hooks Easy to Hanger Kitchen, with 3 Pack Adhesive Hooks (Silver)
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About the product
  • Heavy Duty Hooks: The vacuum suction cups hooks can hold up to 22lb, double hooks design so it has various usages, you can not only hanging backpack and coats in the bedroom but also can hanging bathrobes, towel, loofah, razor, sponge, apron in bathroom and kitchen or hanging welcome decor sign decorations to spruce up your home
  • Outstanding Quality: WILLMAKER suction cups with hooks is made of rubber material, ABC plastic, and 304 stainless steel Chrome, which is environmental and aesthetic that matches any home interior style
  • Removable and reusable: just use a flat blade to loosen the suction cup and without leaving any traces or stains, and move it to the position you want to install according to your needs
  • Suitable Surface: Suitable for smooth and non-porous surfaces, such as ceramics, tiles, glass, mirrors, marble, stainless steel, and any non-porous surfaces with a smooth finish. Not suitable for uneven and porous surfaces
  • Easy to Install: Only choose a smooth surface, no drilling, no screws, no tool, you just need to clean the wall surface with a cleaning cloth, install it push and lock the suction cup
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Perfect home storage hook solution
One week after the purchase experience,I really am loving this product. In addition to this suction cup hook, the package box of this product also comes with 3 self-adhesive hooks. I installed the suction cup hook in my bathroom, and the other three self-adhesive hooks were used in my bedroom, living room, and children’s room. I didn’t want to screw in anything to our new bathroom tile. I want a chrome appearance sucker hook of without damaging my bathroom wall to hang my wet bath towels and loofah. Since having this hook, our home has become more tidy and more beautiful. It is able to hang my loofah, my comb and my razor nicely. I really love it!
Gerald B. Tucker Jr.
Works really well, And don't may stain your tile
These work really well on my bedroom tile. I bought one of these coat hooks with a suction cup and three one with adhesives. They’ve been in place for almost two weeks and I think I think this suction cup hook is really convenient to use. It can not only load up to 22 pounds of various items for you but also can be moved to the place you want to install (when traveling on business, you can carry them on your body, when you need it, it can bring you a lot of conveniences and save more space). They also look decent and price reasonable when on the wall. I will buy again one.
Mike Lucy
Value for money, Looks great!
This thing is a champ. Value for money!This hook holds firmly to the wall tile, has a very appealing modern finish that presents more like a permanent fixture than a cheap wall organizer. I didn't even realize when I bought it how amazing the suction would be in the shower. Honestly, once you put the thing on the wall it's not going anywhere.
sheila kemper
Nice looking, easy to install
I really like these. They look beautiful and super easy to install. I am using them on a shower enclosure, but they really sturdy so I think even if you were hanging an item heavier than a backpack it would probably still adequately hold. Price reasonable and nice quality in terms of material. Would buy again!
John McIver
Perfect for bathroom!
Love these hooks! Put them around the bathtub, and put them in storage towels, bath balls and other items is very good, can keep them in good condition.
brian gentry
very useful!!!
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  The hook can hang many things.
Susan V.
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