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Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Blue Light Glasses for Kids Girls Boys Age 7-12, Fake Glasses Anti Bluelight Glasses for Kids
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About the product
  • 【Blue Light Blocking Glasses Protect Eyes of Kids】Wearing a good pair of kids blue light blocking glasses that filter out artificial blue light, is a good thing for a child’s eye health in both the short and long-term. Especially with so many electronic computer screens and LED lights that they are exposed to now for long periods. Parents who worry about blue light from screens can buy your child blue light glasses.
  • 【Reduce Eyestrain and Reduce Myopia Risk】Penbea Blue Light Blocking Glasses for kids are a great option since they can help lower the blue light that enters the retina. Too much artificial blue light before bedtime can make it challenging for your child to fall asleep. Anti blue light glasses for kids are essential for your child’s digital eye strain and helpful to prevent myopia.
  • 【TR90 Material, High-Quality Frames】TR90 frame explosion proof lens are durable. The nosepads and temples are comfortable and easy to wear to prevent slipping. Penbea kids blue light glasses are less likely to break or be damaged by high-energy childhood activities. Please rest assured to buy.
  • 【Super Cute Design】Penbea kids computer glasses generally fit boys and girls from age 7 to 12. In addition, there is a variety of nice colors for your kids to choose. Our blue light blocking gaming glasses adopt bright colors to let your kids show their unique sense of style. The lovely style of bluelight glasses can make boys and girls more cute and fashionable. Penbea kids eyeglasses are also suitable for matching various styles of clothes. Function meets Fashion. Nice gift to your children.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guaranteed】If you are not completely satisfied with Our Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses, return them for a full refund or replacement. No questions asked. We stand behind the quality of our products and are confident you will LOVE Our Blue Light Glasses for Kids.
What Our Customers Are Saying
Help my daughter block the blue-ray
I bought them for my 11-yr-old daughter. I don’t approve of her using any electronic products at such a young age, because the damage of electronics to kids’ eyes and brain is irreversible according to doctors. But for special reasons this year, kids have to take classes online, so I chose this kind of kids anti blue ray glasses. My daughter Ollie said she would not feel tired looking at the computer screen after wearing glasses. Many things changed. She also seems to be more engaged and active in class. I am very happy to have these computer glasses to help my kid block the blue-ray and protect her eyes.
francis mccormick
Great for the price
Great fit, definitely helps if being on screens for extended periods of time. Comes with cute case & cleaning wipes.
You must get this!!!
They are nice and it seems durable. I bought 2 for son and my daughter. My daughter loves to wear all the time especially during online school. I love the fact it will protect their eyes. It comes with a nice case. All in all I like them.
Amazon customer
Fast delivery! Great product!
We received the kids blue light glasses within a few days after placing the order, which solved our needs very quickly and promptly. Their kids glasses came with a lovely glasses case and a cleaning cloth. Very suitable for my daughter(she is 9 yrs old), she loves the blue light blocking glasses very much, and the anti blue light glasses really help to block the blue light of mobile phones, computers and other screens. The kids computer glasses are very light, comfortable and also fashionable. Everyone who has seen her wearing the glasses praised her lovely. We are very happy that blue light glasses can help her to lighten the burden on her eyes.
Paola chavez
Much nicer than I expected!
Ordered these for my 9yr old daughter. Who, like most, is learning remotely from home this year due to Covid. I didn't expect them to be all that great, but just needed something to help protect her eyes while being on a device for extended periods of time. I was pleasantly surprised! The glasses are very sturdy like a pair you'd buy in an eyeglass store. They come all wrapped up with a protective film (not pictured) as well as a nice cleaning cloth and carrying case. I can't speak on how they work since I will not be the one wearing them. However, I'm happy I purchased these and they should be perfect for my lil' cutie.
Good Quality
For my 9-year-old. Great products, good packaging, good quality glasses. It is good for kids to wear these lovely kids blue light glasses when watching TV or using iPad. This size is very suitable for my son. It's very comfortable. My child wear glasses almost all day. He doesn't want to take them off. He really likes it. I am very satisfied with this purchase. These boys blue light blocking glasses are made of durable materials. The quality is very good, and the flexibility is also very good. Don't worry about my son breaking the glasses. Their lenses have passed the blue light shielding test, and I believe these kids computer glasses can protect children's eyes. Now, children use electronic products more and more frequently, so we should pay attention to vision protection as soon as possible. Thanks to this pair of glasses, I haven't seen him rubbing his eyes while watching TV since he put on these blue light glasses.
Scott M.
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