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Runner's Goal X35 LED Chest Running Light For Runners - Comfortable Alternative to Running Headlamps for Jogging, Walking, Hiking & More
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About the product

  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS - 3 modes of light at the touch of a button - with a 35 lumen maximum on the brightest setting
  • MAX COMFORT DESIGN - It is so comfortable compared to a headlamp that you might just forget you're wearing anything at all
  • ADJUSTS TO FIT MOST SIZES - The flexible straps can adjust to fit runners large and small.
  • LONG LASTING LIGHT - Depending on brightness, the light lasts 10 - 21 hours on a set of batteries during testing
  • VERSATILE BATTERY OPERATED LIGHT - Whether you use it for running, hunting, camping & fishing trips, walking your dog, hikes in the woods - the light gives you a simple, hands free solution to lighting up the darkness
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