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100% Cotton Slim Fit Women's Cargo Pants
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About the product
  • Whether you're off to discover where the wild things are while blending into the forest or looking to be one of the wild things at a hot urban jungle nightspot, these stylish Camo Jungle Jeans with spare ripcords on the back will fit right in and fit to a tee. These are a fairly tight fit. All pockets are pop-fastened for Jungle Jivin, theres also a button-down hidden inside pocket to keep your Fly Spray handy, waist adjustment buckles for custom-fits, and some locker loops to easily dry these on the nearest jungle branch. Explore in style. These Cargo Jungle Jeans have a fairly low rise (aka hipsters), and fairly slim fit thighs.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Double-stitched seams for strength
  • Hidden internal pocket for security
  • Machine washable, Tumble-dry friendly
  • Leg-bottom tie : 'Strong shoelace' style
  • Locker Loops
  • Slim fit, low-rise
  • Available sizes: 0/XS, 2/S, 5/S, 6/M, 9/L

What Our Customers Are Saying
These cargo pants are excellent quality, the material is super durable
These cargo pants are excellent quality, the material is super durable. These pants run true to size, check out the size chart and make sure you're ordering the right size. I'm definitely purchasing another pair, I want to have to have these in a few colors.
by D. Miracle
Great go-to pants!
Great low rise, with a sung fit where you want it, resulting in the perfect slouchy cargo without a small gal getting lost in the pants. Also no low-rise camel toe. Nice heavy material (but lay nice) and well made, will take the beating I give for sure. Pockets in right places and good size. Not too big, not little-sissy pockets either. I'm 5.7 1/2 and weigh 127 and have a flat bottom and these baggies don't make it look flatter at all. They are perfect length and also have VERY unnoticeable drawstring at cuffs if you need.
by skeptic
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