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Turmeric Curcumin & Ginger
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Joint Pain Relief 
Contains Powerful Curcumin Plus Bioperine Black Pepper for Maximum Effect
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About the product
  • ★ - Everyday Mike wants to get the most from his day,  and for a long time to come. That's  why he takes the right supplements to help him reduce inflammation and aches.  He loves the feeling that Alpha Rise Turmeric and Ginger gives him.  Sourced from the highest performing ingredients in the US it packs a real punch!  Thousands of Americans buy our products because they want to feel like Mike.  We make them to be the best so you can enjoy a long and active, healthy life.
  • ★ - Money Back Guarantee - Specially formulated to support your health goals, and provide the best natural anti-inflammatory joint pain relief on the market. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, Alpha Rise offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee promise.
  • ★ - Powerful Anti-Inflamatory Formula - Containing 1600mg of Turmeric Curcumin root extract, which is one of nature’s most powerful dietary medicines on the planet. This ancient herb has anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, antioxidant properties (among many others). And it can be added to a drink by splitting open the capsule. Contains the most potent turmeric - 100mg of 95% (standardised) Curcuminoids. It’s the strongest, most highly concentrated part of turmeric for maximum effectiveness.
  • ★ - Plus Ginger and Bioperine - Our turmeric supplement contains both Ginger root extract and Bioperine. Ginger contains powerful medicinal qualities. It helps with blood sugar, nausea, muscle pain and digestion, among others. And it's also a natural anti-inflammatory like turmeric. Bioperine is specially formulated from black pepper. It helps the body absorb the nutrients. Ours contains 20mg, which is twice as much as most other brands, making it super effective.
  • ★ - Made in the USA with NON-GMO ingredients - We make our supplements with only high quality NON-GMO natural ingredients, formulated in the USA. The capsules are made from rice so it’s Vegan/Vegetarian friendly and super clean for your body too.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Great product!!
I bought this for a family who's been having joint trouble. They don't eat a great deal of turmeric or ginger in their everyday diet, so it was great to find a product that combines them both and is simple to use. Take two capsules daily with a meal. The capsules are also vegetarian which is a plus.
strengthen your immune system for quicker recovery
Bought this for a friend who suffers from arthritis. She says Ginger and Tumeric is an excellent alternative medicine. Seems to work for her. She also used it as an immune system boost for a cold. She said she kicked her cold in 3 days which is a lot faster than I do, so it seems to help! Prompt delivery and fair price to boot.
Amazon Customer
Powerful supplement, many uses
More than just an anti-inflammatory for your joints and muscles. I take turmeric to prevent digestive pains and ease headaches as well. The ginger root extract is a great addition to a tumeric supplement and makes this my go to product. It was packaged securely and arrived in great shape!
Makes a big difference
Makes a big difference to me. Been taking turmeric for a while now and this one is the best one I've tried.
matt a
Highly recommend!
Excellent pain reliever!
I love this!! Has helped me so much!!
It's hard to know what supplements are legit and worthwhile but I TOTALLY recommend this one!! I try to cook with ginger and turmeric but I never got enough to make a difference. I love these and have noticed a huge difference in my joint pain and inflammation. My digestion also seems much better. I like that the product is non-GMO and I trust the ingredients.
Mark Jacobson
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