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Sisitano 6 Cup Stovetop Coffee Maker Moka Pot Moka Express With Latte Art Set And Measuring Clipping Spoon For Making Delicious Italian Espresso
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About the product
    • With a Moka Pot you can create the most delicious, thick Italian coffee that our ancestors used to drink!
    • Fire resistant handle - we know how life goes! Sometimes you may leave the coffee on the stovetop a bit too long, and having a fire resitant handle will save the day.
    • Super smooth seal - prevent water and coffee spillage with our re-designed seal
    • Booklet to educate - we know this coffee maker set is a perfect gift - for your child’s college dorm to a house warming gift. Don’t leave them hanging with no ideas on how to make proper coffee!
    • Re-useable package - as our saying goes - “When its time for coffee” - take out the re-usable packaging from your kitchen cubboard and all the coffee accessories you need
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