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Men’s Indiana Outback Fedora Hat | Crushable Wool Felt by Silver Canyon
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$25.00 Was: $49.99
About the product
  • WOOL CONSTRUCTION - Made from durable crushable wool construction to give you that classic outback fashion and long-lasting wear.
  • CRUSHABLE – Fold it, scrunch it, sit on it, stuff it into your coat pocket! When you need your hat, just shake it back into its original shape.
  • FASHIONABLE FEDORA LOOK – Dress hat featuring a pinch front crease hat crown with a 3-inch brim and fashionable, classic grosgrain matching ribbon hatband.
  • WATER REPELLENT - Can withstand unexpected rains. You'll feel secure that this hat won't wear down even when it gets wet.
  • PERFECT AS GIFT - Make someone's day complete by wrapping this hat up as a gift for birthdays, Indiana Jones Costume, Christmas, New Year, or other special occasions!
  • COLORS - Available in  Brown and Black
  • SIZES - Small through XX-Large
  • EXPIRATION - Your individual coupon code expires 6/25/18
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