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Advanced Formula Scar Cream - Reduce the Appearance of Old and New Scars on Face & Body. Unisex Night Time Formula 
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About the product
  • A Natural Way To Help Reduce The Appearance Of Scars - Stop spending a fortune on scar removal treatments and products that are loaded with unnecessary chemicals that may not be effective.
  • Scars can originate from almost anything; acne, burns, cuts, surgery, c-sections, stitches, mole removal, even chickenpox. But their appearance doesn’t have to bother you forever.
  • Nature can be the source of everything your skin needs. That is why our product is formulated using natural and herbal ingredients that encourage more normalized, smoother, softer looking skin.
  • Finally, a 'No Silicone' cream that works. Rosehip Seed Oil, Onion Bulb Extract and Helichrysum Italicum make for a potent scar fighting combo.
  • Daily application of the cream as suggested helps improve the appearance of old and new scars. For best results, use this product in combination with Pureauty Naturals Scar Gel.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
A moisturizer and scar treatment all in one!
This is a great night cream and has definitely helped some of my acne scars fade. I saw more results with my newer scars than my older ones, so I’m hoping to see improvement with continued use of the product. The cream is very thick so a little really goes a long way - I usually dip my fingertip in it and its enough to cover my whole face. It absorbs easily into the face without leaving a greasy residue, and sometimes I wear it as a moisturizer during the day. It doesn’t really have a scent, so it’s good for sensitive skin.
Nia Tortilla
Best All-Natural Scar Cream
I had a breast lift 6 weeks ago and I am so pleased with the healing process of my scars after using this product. I use this at night and the Pureauty Naturals Scar Gel in the morning. I had searched for a scar cream/gel that was all-natural and had the best ingredients in it, after doing my research, I truly feel this is the best product on the market especially for the price.
Amazon Customer
Agrees with my skin
I bought this product to use on old acne scars. Since they're old scars, the company recommends you use the product longer, for a couple months. I haven't been using it long enough to know if it will get rid of my acne scars. But, the reason I'm giving it 5 stars is because I did notice that it seems like my face is smoother when I use it. I like the look of my skin afterwards. I also appreciate that it's a natural product and it's safe for sensitive skin. I easily breakout and have to be careful about what I put on my face. Overall, I'm happy with this product. And, I noticed a little goes a long way, which will make the product last longer.
Charlie Gibble
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