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X96 LED Chest Running Light By Runner's Goal - Comfortable Alternative To Headlamps for Jogging, Running, Hiking
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About the product

  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS - 2 modes of light at the touch of a button - including an extremely bright 96 lumens to light your way
  • FLASHING SAFETY LIGHTS - If you only need a supplementary safety light, the X96 can also be used as a strobe/flashing light to make you more visible
  • MAX COMFORT DESIGN - It is so comfortable compared to a headlamp that you might just forget you're wearing anything at all
  • ADJUSTS TO FIT MOST SIZES - The flexible straps can adjust to fit runners large and small.
  • VERSATILE BATTERY OPERATED LIGHT - Whether you use it for running, hunting, camping & fishing trips, walking your dog, hikes in the woods - the light gives you a simple, hands free solution to lighting up the darkness
What Our Customers Are Saying
Great for ultra & trail runners
My husband is an ultra-slash-trail runner and was a hardcore headlamp user until I got him this chest lamp as a Christmas gift. Since then, he's crossed over to the dark side and makes this his go-to for night runs. He did point out that there was a little adjustment period for how the light moves, but now he prefers it. Usually, he'll wear both, the chest lamp for straight ahead light and the headlamp for directional / backup lighting. His running buddies have also been a big fan of not being blinded every time he looks around. He's been running in sub-zero temps for a few weeks now, so it looks like the batteries are holding up pretty well.
by Edith
This light is rechargeable not battery operated.
Light works great and reasonably priced.
by Leslie Y.
I really like this light
I really like this light, gives off tons of light to see what's down the trail. I'm 6' 205 lbs (Not exactly ultra runner build I know) if I was any bigger I don't think this would fit very well.
by Justus
Perfect for walking dogs or running
Perfect for walking my dogs at night. I personally prefer this over the headlamp because I don't have to worry about it slipping
by Eric Hammond
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