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Royal Formula Argan Oil Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Set - [Sulfate Free] Treatment for Dry, Damaged, Frizzy & Color-Treated Hair, Safe for Keratin Treatments - For All Hair Types (2 X 16 FL. OZ)
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About the product
  • ARGAN OIL SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER SET – Moisturizes, Repairs, Restores, Strengthens Weak, Damaged Over Processed Hair. Improves Hair Thickness, Manageability, High Shine & Luster
  • PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH & SLOWS HAIR LOSS – 3 in 1 Royal Formula Argan Oil Shampoo with Biotin - Promotes Hair Growth - Argan Oil boosts scalp health, hair follicles. Keratin deeply nourishes, prevents breakage best conditioner for color-treated hair (SLS-Sulfate-Paraben Free)
  • REPAIRS AND STRENGTHENS - Dry Damaged, Frizzy & Color Treated Hair – Blend of Keratin, Hydrolyzed Silk, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, smoothes frizzy hair, reduce static, gently conditions, strengthens & repairs dry, damaged hair
  • SILKY, SHINY, TOUCHABLE HAIR – Hydrolyzed Silk leaves hair super-sleek & touchable. Almond Oil & Jojoba Oil leaves hair smelling heavenly, a touch of the tropics every time you condition your hair
  • QUALITY TESTED FOR PURITY –Made with 100% Organic Oils, Cruelty Free. Made in U.S.A /FDA Approved Lab, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free & Sodium Free. Improves Hair Condition or Your Money Back – Lifetime Guarantee!
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I finally found what I've been looking for
Highly suggested to all women looking for the most effective Moroccan argan oil shampoo and conditioner. with emphasis on “Moroccan.” The mask is excellent too.There are so many conditioners online that claim to be Moroccan argan oil… but only a few can deliver a true result. Well, it’s hard to tell which one is original when you buy online because you only depend on the product description and customer reviews.. but tried my luck on this one and felt like I’ve won a lottery.This Moroccan argan oil conditioner from Royal Formula is super soft on my hair. It smells great it makes my hair smooth and silky without making them overly thin and not nearly as much hair falling out like after other conditioners. I love that it also has other ingredients in it that are truly nourishing to the hair like the jojoba oil and sweet almonds. The bottle is pretty big so I thinkit will last for almost a year considering I finally don't have to wash hair daily thanks to the shampoo by the same brand. Overall great product highly recommend to anyone!
Yuliya polishchuk
Just buy it
This is pretty much a miracle in a bottle. I straighten my hair a lot and I try to use some kind of deep conditioner at least once a week. This conditioner is better than any deep conditioner, leave in conditioner or any repair treatments I’ve ever used. When I was washing my hair it feel like it almost melted into my hair. My boyfriend even told me that my hair looked “more shiny” and sometimes I wonder if he would notice if I completely shaved my head - so that’s saying something! It’s has a nice smell too!
Samantha B
Hairway to Heaven
I try my best to stick to "less chemically" products, not only for health but because of the way they can leave your hair feeling and smelling. If you care about those things, it is kind of a bummer that this product contains "fragrance" (in most cases this indicates harmful chemicals) and phenoxyethanol (not an uncommon ingredient, but I try to avoid it). But all that aside, because I know it's personal preference and priority, this product is outstanding! I was actually very, very surprised at how much I like it. As many of the other reviews say (and despite the ingredient listing of "fragrance"), the first you notice is the smell! It really does smell amazing and it really is long lasting! The shampoo does a great job cleaning and I've found that I haven't had to wash my hair every single day! Not many products have ever allowed me to do this. The conditioner, however, is the real gem in this package! It reminds me of the packets of awesome conditioner that can only be found in an at-home hair dye kit. My hair has been super soft and shiny since I've been using this power duo and each day my hair feels and smells like I recently visited the salon. So while I do wish a couple tweaks could be made to the ingredients, I'm still giving 5 stars because the ingredient list is still better than most others on the market and the performance of the products is seriously top notch!
Very pleased with the Argan Conditioner and customer service was excellent.
I have highlighted, fine hair and the Argan Conditioner takes away the frizz and keeps it manageable. I had an issue with the bottle and the company sent me out a new bottle immediately. Very pleased with the product and the service.
Never felt better with my hair!
I commute every day for 2 hours just to get to work. Normally I would feel greasy upon reaching the office, and my hair would smell awful.. so I just keep it tied all the time.But thanks to this argan oil conditioner. It’s absolutely wonderful! Works wonders with my hair. It’s softer, smoother… also smells better. I didn’t have to tie it like I used to. I feel fresh and confident coming to the office .. never felt this good!Can’t give a professional review about its ingredients or whatever it claims to be. All I know is that it’s good. No foul smell. Not itchy and irritating at all. I have nothing to complain about this product as I am very happy. I’m giving this product five stars.
John W.
Great scent, smooth hair
I'm not sure why I'm leaving a review for conditioner. My wife wanted to try something that wasn't a major cheap brand, so I ordered this online.The first thing she said was that it smells amazing. I do tend to agree with that!THe next thing, I can say from experience - it works better than the cheap stuff you buy at Wal-Mart. MUCH better. My hair was soft, and stayed soft all day.I highly recommend this conditioner.
Chris M.
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