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Revive Dual USB 3.1A Car Charger - USB Diagnostic/Voltmeter Gauge with Battery & Charging System Monitor for 12V-24V DC, Smart Charging, LED Amperage & Voltage Display with Visual Alert
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About the product
  • CAR VOLTAGE METER & USB CHARGER charges your mobile devices fast and efficiently via your car’s DC outlet while also monitoring the health of your vehicle's battery and electrical system in real time
  • SMART CHARGING TECHNOLOGY optimizes charging speeds by communicating with your devices to ensure that the charging rate is not more than your device can handle - The DV2 won't overcharge your battery
  • LED ILLUMINATED DUAL USB PORT DESIGN allows for simultaneous charging of two devices at once. With both 1A & 2.1A ports, you can conveniently charge Smartphones (1A), Tablets (2.1A) & other devices.
  • DIAGNOSTIC TOOL shows a solid LED read out displays your car’s operating voltage or the total USB charging output while A flashing LED display indicates a potential vehicle voltage problem.
  • 3 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY Tech Specs - DC input: 12V-24V / USB output: 5V 3.1A; 3.4A peak / Protection: Over current, overcharge, overheat, car voltage warning / 2.3" x 1.4" x 1.4" / 0.95 oz
What Our Customers Are Saying
Very functional USB charger and accurate vehicle battery voltage monitor.
This is a "technical" review written by an electronics engineer. If you are a technophobe and don't appreciate engineering terminology, please move on and do not read this, it isn't for you. The "ReVIVE" vehicle lighter USB charger and voltage monitor was marked "Model: CHPUDV2100BKEW". It has an overall length of 2.310 inches and a maximum diameter of 1.344 inches. The larger-diameter USB socket section protrudes approximately 1.0 inches from the outer edge of the lighter socket. With no USB load, the 3-digit blue digital display shows the voltage at the lighter socket. I tested the accuracy of the digital voltage monitor function using a certified Fluke Model 289 DVM and a Tektronix Model 503C regulated DC power supply (ripple was less then 300uV). DC Voltage Measurements: Fluke DVM---ReVIVE Display 9.500---------------9.5 blinking 10.000------------10.0 blinking 11.000------------11.0 blinking 11.500-----------11.5 12.000-----------12.0 12.500-----------12.4 12.800-----------12.7 13.000-----------13.0 13.300-----------13.2 13.600-----------13.5 14.000-----------13.9 14.500-----------14.5 14.900-----------14.8 15.000-----------15.0 blinking 15.500-----------15.5 blinking The blue display and the green USB port LEDs switched on at 9.0 volts and switched off at 8.2 volts. Current drain with no load connected to either USB port was 8.825 mA at 12.6 volts input and dropped to 7.789 mA at 14.5 volts input. If left plugged into a "lighter" socket which is not switched off when the vehicle is parked, this charger will consume 2.66 WHr per day. This is less then most modern vehicles' on-board electronics consume during parked "stand-by" but is not insignificant, and will cause the battery to be depleted faster than if the charger was not left plugged in. Display brightness was "moderate". It is comfortable in a dark vehicle (not glaring), but only just visible in daylight sunlight in a closed car. Please keep in mind that this device is measuring voltage at the "lighter" socket, which may vary considerably from that at the battery. Often lighter sockets are on accessory bus lines and other devices on the line such as instruments, lights and entertainment systems may draw enough current to drop the voltage at the "lighter" socket to 0.3 to 0.5 volts less than the actual battery or alternator voltage. The "lower than battery voltage" reading is not an inaccuracy of the device, but reflects the voltage drop in the "lighter" socket wiring. I tested the ReVIVE USB ports with an iPhone 6S (30 % initial charge using an Apple Lightning cable) ) and the ReVIVE provided a 1.1 A charge current. A 12.9 inch iPad at 45% initial charge was able to draw 2.0 amps from the ReViVe (again using an Apple Lightning cable). The charger got reasonably warm during operation, but not too hot to touch. All and all, this is excellent performance for such a small device. Hopefully it will be reliable and last a long time.
Really Good Stuff
Packaging was good. Be sure to register to activate the additional 2 year warranty (for a total of 3!). Warranties say a lot of a company and their products. 3 years for a 15 dollar device says they're pretty confident in it. I only tested the essentials: LEDs for the charge ports are great, even in daylight but I'm unsure if it will be intrusive at night, I doubt it. Voltage display is highly accurate. I tested this against my alarm key fob as well as a dedicated voltmeter. @ full charge the voltmeter read 14.78, this product read 14.7; the secondary test was within .Those who need IMMEDIATE voltage monitoring (high current draw applications, i.e. high wattage music systems) will be very pleased with the results of this device. Aesthetics are great. It's solid, sturdy and very nice looking. Fits flush and looks high-end. Very pleased here and one of the main reasons I waited and purchased this on a back order. I wish they had the one with the micro and standard USB cables included that show the percentage of charge to go for the devices being charged. I feel the extra 7 bucks is well worth it so if you're reading this go with that option. Device charging has yet to be tested, I will update later along with a couple photos showing the goods. UPDATE: Photos added & charging tested (to an extent): I have a fast-charging Samsung Note 5 and was hopeful the 2.1 port would fast-charge my phone as is the case when using a 2A fast-charge adapter. I have an fast-charging cable from aforementioned 2A adapter. When plugged in and screen on, as will be in most cases, the phone charges @ 1.1A even while in the 2.1 port (see photo). I only noticed by incident that when the screen is off the charge bumps up to 1.8A. It works but if you have a fast-charge device do not expect to see that glorious "fast charging"/lightning icon. Nonetheless, product retains it's 5 star rating. Great buy. I said earlier the new option that includes the dual USB charge indicator cables was worth the extra but consider whether or not you actually charge your device long enough in the car to see a full charge?
Received 4 days ago, Works great, fantastic, super duper.
I had recently installed a dual deep cycle/starter battery for my car. I needed New battery but also wanted to be able to power a few electronic device's with out having to run my car so often, hence the deep cycle battery. I also wanted to be able to see the status of said battery especially when running my guitar amp at small venues were power is not supplied. This worked right from the get go. When you plug into one of the USB ports you are given the amperage for that port. 3.1A total between both USB's. 2.1A or 1.0A. Max 3.1A total. Also the smart chip inside adjusts according to what your charging automatically. Best of all when plugged into my inverter for, let's say my CPAP, it show what the charge is on the battery and begins to blink as a warning when you drop below 12 volts. I found that my deep cycle battery can run my CPAP with out the humidifier on nearly all night. Based on this inexpensive monitor. Remember if you are using a deep cycle battery for a car make sure it's a dual purpose battery because a dedicated deep cycle likes slow charges and long slow discharges. And a cars normal battery and charging is slamming a normal battery and will burn up a deep cycle battery toot sweet. Where a dual purpose deep cycle has a portion of the battery set aside internally for that peak jolt to start a car and the deeper cycle portion for that long period of discharge over several hours and still maintain that quick start portion to get the car going. This little jewel works great monitoring that status. For the price it's fantastic! So far! :)
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