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ProHealth B-12 Extreme (35 mg, 30 sublingual tablets) 
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About the product
  • THE MOST POTENT VITAMIN B-12 ON EARTH – Each sublingual tablet delivers 35 mg (35,000 mcg) of vitamin B-12, dissolving under the tongue for maximum absorption.

  • MULTIPLE HEALTH BENEFITS – B-12 Extreme targets key areas of health: mental acuity, energy and liver support. Methylcobalamin helps increase the brain’s focus and clarity. Dibencozide provides muscles and nerves with bursts of energy. Cyanocobalamin supports liver health and aids in the digestion and absorption of foods. Hydroxocobalamin assists with methylation and energy production.

  • CONTAINS ALL FOUR TYPES OF B-12 – We’ve developed B-12 Extreme to contain all four types of B-12 so that you can experience all the benefits of each form. Per tablet, our formula consists of: Methylcobalamin (12,500 mcg), Dibencozide (12,500 mcg), Cyanocobalamin (7,500 mcg), Hydroxocobalamin (2,500 mcg).

  • Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet, once or twice daily, or as advised by your healthcare professional. Allow tablet to fully dissolve under tongue.

  • This product is vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and caffeine free
Use this Amazon Exclusive offer by 10/31
Use this Amazon Exclusive offer by 10/31
Best B12 on the market and worth every penny
Best B12 on the market and worth every penny. Tried others that are cheaper and always come back to this.
by Suthernbelles
Five Stars
Excellent product!!!!
by Gaia Tonos
Great B-12 product!
This product is fantastic. It delivers your body a high does of all forms of B-12, the energy you get from the tablets is very noticeable
by Lady Ray 
Also best B-12 product
Also best B-12 product. Ordered only this product.
by Marian T. Mattey
Easy To Swallow
Easy To Swallow; Tastes Good; Effective; Simple To Take; Easy on Stomach; Love This Product Helpfu. We should invest in good Vitamins and Supplements, because really it is important not to be forgetfull.
by lucy a.
Use this Amazon Exclusive offer by 10/31
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Use this Amazon Exclusive offer by 10/31