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Premium Zinc Supplement in Organic Sunflower Oil & Coconut Oil – Zinc Picolinate ~70CT~ Zinc for Men & Women ~ Zinc 30 ~ Zinc Capsules ~ Zinc 30mg ~ Pure Zinc Pills ~ 2 Zinc Vitamin Zinc Supplements
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About the product
  • PREMIUM ULTRA PURE, POTENT FORMULATION, HIGHLY ABSORBABLE –Dr. Seth’s Power Zinc utilizes ultra clean ingredients. Dr Seth’s Power Zinc is gluten free, soy free, dairy free, with no artificial colorings and unnecessary excipients. Power zinc in not like other zinc oxide, zinc lozenges, zinc orotate, ionic zinc, zinc 50, zinc lozenge, chelated zinc, zinc gummies, zinc tablets, zinc glycinate, zinc 50mg, zinc kids, zinc liquid, zinc powder, zinc spray, kids zinc, zinc for kids, now zinc
  • MADE WITH ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL & COCONUT OIL. You've heard your friends call it: calcium magnesium zinc, raw zinc, zinc drops, zinc copper, zinc 15, zinc sulfate, zinc magnesium, pyrithione zinc, 50 zinc, zinc vitamin C, zinc gluconate, zinc 15mg, eidon zinc, iron zinc, zinc citrate, gnc zinc, and zinc, zinc elderberry, zinc hair, zinc now, mag zinc, zinc 8, kid zinc, kal zinc, zinc balance, 40 zinc, 365 zinc, zinc acne, zinc 40, zinc flyte, zinc oxide spray, zinc 25. WE JUST CALL IT AWESOME.
  • ULTRA IMMUNE SUPPORT / 200% DAILY VALUE OF ZINC ~ - Taken daily for excellent immune health. Here are more names for this type of supplement: zinc vitamin d, bio zinc, zinc acetate, zinc supplement for kids, kirkman zinc, zinc picolinate 50mg, chelated zinc supplement, zinc vitamins for women, zinc chelate, e zinc, 4 zinc, tri zinc, zinc vegan, ac zinc, zinc echinacea, zinc magnesium supplement, zinc chewables, zinc oxide powder organic, solbar zinc, ez zinc, food zinc, zinc 500mg, mg zinc
  • PROSTATE, SKIN, REPRODUCTIVE & DIGESTIVE SUPPORT - Most people take Dr. Seth’s Power Zinc daily for supporting their immune system, skin, and digestive systems. Are you taking: zinc 5mg, dj zinc, zand zinc, oral zinc, b6 zinc, cold zinc, coldeeze zinc lozenges, zinc it, zincs, zinc tincture, raw zinc supplement, raw zinc oxide, zinc melts, cal-mag-zinc, zinc raw, cal mag zinc, mega zinc, skin zinc, zinc 365, d3 zinc, kids zinc supplement, zinc juice, cal zinc. WE JUST CALL IT AWESOME.
  • THRILLED WITH YOUR PURCHASE… PUREST PRODUCT, GUARANTEED - Dr. Seth is a Pittsburgh D.C. Physician who is committed to sourcing the purest, most natural products on the market. Others supply: zinc orotate supplement, best zinc supplement, zinc usp, pro zinc, zinc picolinate 15mg, zinc extract, zinc elderberry lozenges, 8mg zinc, now zinc supplement, zma zinc, ionized zinc, xmogen zinc, frunutta zinc, zinc Kirkland, zinc picolinate 25mg, zinc drops for kids, acne zinc, zinc 600, zinc 200mg
What Our Customers Are Saying
Less colds.....I got my life back!
I have an autoimmune disease of the thyroid and digestive issues as a result of. That being said I have several vitamin deficiencies, one of which is zinc. I have learned over the course of my 20 year period of having this chronic condition, that all vitamins are not the same. As a result of my "zinc" deficiency I would get frequent colds, sometimes a week apart. I have my blood tested for vitamin levels and after taking some of the "less expensive" brands one buys over the counter in pharmacy aisles, my levels show I am still deficient and I was still getting sick. Dr. Seth's FDA patented has a 60-day guarantee of quality. Made with organic sunflower and coconut oil, which helps break down the vitamins in digestive track so it is digested properly. I highly recommend this quality vitamin for the purity of ingredients and the ability to be digested so one is not just paying for something that doesn't absorb into the blood. I am now able to fight colds and have normal zinc levels!
Lori Byro
Great value for a high quality zinc supplement!
I really like that there is nothing unnecessary in this zinc supplement. When you are trying to be the healthiest you can be, it’s really important not to add anything artificial. Having coconut and sunflower oil is awesome. I can tell it is very high quality and my body is appreciating it. I haven’t been sick since using it and there has been a lot of viruses here. I can even notice a difference in my skin and energy!
Will continue to buy
I've been looking for something to replace the skin benefits of fish oil because it doesn't sit well with my stomach. I chose this one because it says it helps with digestive issues as well and I love coconut oil.This zinc seems to make an improvement in my overall skin health. I will continue to buy.
High Quality Product!
I have purchased several products from this seller. All all made in the US and are of the highest quality! Will definitely be purchasing again!
Denise M.Pekarek
Works well
I liked the product it improved my mild adult acne and I had improved energy
John C. Mcc
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