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Premium Selenium 200mcg ~ Pure Selenium Organic Sunflower Oil & Coconut Oil – Selenium Supplements ~ Pure Selenomethionine 200mcg ~70CT~ l Selenium for Women & Men ~ Selenium 200 ~ Selenium for Kids
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About the product
  • PREMIUM ULTRA PURE, POTENT FORMULATION, HIGHLY ABSORBABLE –Dr. Seth’s Selenium utilizes ultra clean ingredients. Dr Seth’s Selenium is gluten free, soy free, dairy free, with no artificial colorings & unnecessary excipients. Some call selenium: thyroid support selenium sulfide jbl selenium now selenium selenium sulfide shampoo selenium sulfide lotion e selenium youngevity selenium supplements beta-carotene selenium thorne selenomethionine 200mcg l-selenomethionine reacted selenium gnc selenium
  • MADE WITH ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL & COCONUT OIL. You've heard your friends call it: selenomethionine thorne l-selenomethionine supplement l selenomethionine zhou selenium now selenium 100mcg250 tablets go selenium bio-selenium oppuland selenium pure encapsulations selenium zinc selenium selenium 100 mcg kaeco selenium nac selenium yeast-free selenomethionine solaray selenium kal selenium xpath selenium zorex selenomethionine jbl selenium tweeter bio-true selenium WE JUST CALL IT AWESOME.
  • ULTRA IMMUNE SUPPORT ~ - Taken daily for protection of normal cell health and excellent immune support. Here are more names for this type of supplement: e400 selenium e and selenium ghc selenium selenium 100 now selenium 200 mcg e-400 selenium semsc selenium niw selenium aquous selenium selenium liquid e 400 selenium navneesh garg selenium super selenium selenium 50 go nutrients selenium selenium zinc bri nutrition selenium 100 mcg selenium best selenium youngevity selenium copper selenium
  • HEALTHY BLOOD FLOW & ANTI0XIDANT SUPPORT – Selenium supports the production of certain prostaglandins for healthy blood flow.* Selenium also scavengers free radicals which protects healthy cell fuction.* Are you taking: selenium drops 50 mcg selenium solgar selenium now selenium 200mcg zinc with selenium selenium 60 shampoo selenium sodium selenite selenium thorne selenium ionic selenium selenium sulfide 2.5 lotion sodium selenium selenium 90 selenium shampoo natural selenium st400 selenium
  • THRILLED WITH YOUR PURCHASE.. PUREST PRODUCT, GUARANTEED - Dr. Seth is a Pittsburgh D.C. Physician who is committed to sourcing the purest, most natural products on the market. Others supply: 365 selenium zinc selenium supplement selenium 3 selenium gold kids selenium selenium 300 ultimate selenium selenium hair selenium book 400 mcg selenium *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
What Our Customers Are Saying
Pure, organic, FDA patented selenium product!
I have an autoimmune disease of the thyroid and digestive issues as a result of. That being said I have several vitamin deficiencies, one of which is selenium. I have learned over the course of my 20 year period of having this chronic condition, that all vitamins are not the same. I have my blood tested for vitamin levels and after taking some of the "less expensive" brands one buys over the counter in pharmacy aisles, my levels show I am still deficient. Dr. Seth's FDA patented has a 60-day guarantee of quality. Made with organic sunflower and coconut oil, which helps break down the vitamins in digestive track so it is digested properly. I highly recommend this quality vitamin for the purity of ingredients and the ability to be digested so one is not just paying for something that doesn't absorb into the blood.
Lori Byro
More energy!
I have been taking selenium and the power zinc and have noticed a significant increase in energy. I have a thyroid condition that i take a prescription medication for but I am always tired so adding these two supplements really made a difference.
As good as selenium gets!
I compared many brands before getting this. My new go to for daily selenium and will continue to use this product line. I beleive this is actually organically plant derived form of selenium and not the lowest potency yeast form. Very small compared to my previous brand and I like that it has the coconut powder.
Pills are very small and easy to swallow!!
I started taking this for my thyroid, but also for the immunity benefits! I’m having more energy! I’ve been taking it for awhile with the zinc and family members have had a bad cold they can’t get rid of...I had a very mild case of it for a day or two and it’s completely gone! I’ll continue taking this!!
Great for my autoimmune condition. Selenium has given me more energy and greatly reduced my antibodies for my autoimmune condition. The only thing that has worked!
Elen T.
Top quality company
High quality product by a top quality company. These guys consistently deliver good quality products. I’m so happy I found a company that consistently delivers. I hope they continue to expand their product offerings
David mehalick
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