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Orka Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle
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  • GEMSTONE BOTTLE: Achieve peace and holistic wellness through the consumption of crystal elixir water.
  • NATURAL AMETHYST: Ignite the energy of passion and creativity while enhancing your meditative state.
  • MINERAL INFUSED: Set your daily intentions and absorb the crystal's energies directly into your body.
  • TWIST OFF BASE: Remove the bottom of the tumbler to wash and cleanse the bottle and amethyst crystal.
  • GIFT OF HEALING: Share the benefits of gem water by gifting loved ones a modern crystal water bottle.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
This is a great every day water bottle and a great gift.
The crystal is beautiful! Even when the bottle is filled with water, you can see the light shining through it. I love to set it on my desk by the window to brighten up my work space. Everyone needs to drink more water and having it in a decorative piece is nice.The glass is fairly thick and sturdy, it just feels like something that is going to hold up to a lot of use. The steel base (with rubber bottom) unscrews, so the whole thing can be easily cleaned in the dish washer. This is a bottle that can be used every day and is going to last for years.
Jason A. Denton
Unique Gift!
I bought this for a friend of mine who is into homeopathy and holistic medicine. The bottle arrived well-packaged, so there is no chance that the crystal will break en route. The back of the container describes the attributes and effects that each crystal has on the body, which is useful for people like me who are ignorant of such things. All in all, I think this will go over well!
Justin Ellis
Well made
Its a beautiful bottle.
Crystal perfection!
I can't say enough fantastic things about this crystal water bottle from Orka! I purchased one as a gift and the recipient couldn't have been happier.The design and materials used are flawless!Overall, this is an absolute winner. Look no further for the perfect crystal water bottle!
Chris G
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