Double the cards, double the hangover! The UK's best selling drinking game returns with the insane Get Crunk Extreme Volume 3! Ideal for Students, Pre Drinks, Stag & Hen Parties. You will be abused!
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About the product
  • The brutal drinking game for horrible people. Amazon's 'Drinking Game' Best Seller! Amazon's Choice! / "Cards Against Humanity* meets Ring of Fire on steroids" - The Student Times
  • Volume 3 Extreme - Double The Cards / Double The Hangover!
  • Easy to play - 110 cards, pick a card, read it out, do what it says!
  • Abused by Students, Pre-Drinkers, House Parties, Stag & Hen Parties. Great to loosen up / break the ice.
  • Warning: Banter game must be strong! You will be abused, your ego will be destroyed and you will get unimaginably intoxicated.
33% off
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