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Mylee Antibacterial Hand Sanitising Gel with Tea Tree Leaves, Pump Dispenser, Hand Sanitiser, Quick Dry, Kills 99.999% Bacteria and Germs, BS EN 1276 Tested, 250ml (1 Bottle)
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About the product
  • KILLS GERMS - Mylee’s alcohol-based disinfectant sanitiser gel is designed to kill 99.999% of bacteria, germs and viruses.
  • PREVENTS THE SPREAD OF INFECTIONS - This product is designed to help prevent the spread of infections and diseases.
  • CONTAINS 70% ALCOHOL - An alcohol concentration of 68% or higher is recommended for effective disinfection.
  • CONTAINS TEA TREE - Contains Tea Tree which leaves a fresh, clean scent and has added antibacterial properties.
  • Made in the UK - You can trust what you are buying with Mylee. Beware of cheap Chinese imports with very low levels of Alcohol 
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