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MOCACARE MOCACuff - Wireless Bluetooth Connected Wrist Blood Pressure Monitior (iOS/Android)
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About the product
  • Simply wear MOCACuff on your wrist and let it do all the work. It measures heart rate and systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • Results displayed on-screen, along with color-coded indicator corresponding to American Heart Association's blood pressure standards
  • Sync measurements wirelessly to your smartphone with a single tap of a button
  • Receive expertly curated health recommendations via MOCACARE App (iOS/Android) to improve or maintain your health
  • Visualize health trends and see how your health is improving over time. FDA-cleared and CE certified and comes in a sleek carrying case for convenience and portability
What Our Customers Are Saying
this device is great and no problem to use every thing is plain and easy too view
by geoff irving
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