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Mini Drones for Kids and Adults - Scoot Motion Hand Controlled Drone Quadcopter Flying Toys; Beginner RC Helicopter Gifts for Boys or Girls (Blue)
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Scoot drone
A very cute toy for my seven-year-old. It lights up and the lights change colors. We played with it for hours although it does need to be charged pretty frequently. He is able to quickly grasp how to use the toy and move it in all directions.
by ocbruins
Incredible is an understatement, must buy!!
The coolest thing ive bought ever! Charges quick, calibrates super easy (read the instructions please). You must remove 2 "travel screws" that keeps the drone safe during shipment. I got the silver and will totally get the red & blue as well. I see these becoming super collectable so I'm getting all colors released in the future. Anyway, unpack, charge, calibrate, making sure the green light is on just simply drop (do not toss) the drone and thats it, instant fight no remote. This thing just starts exploring your whole living space! You do nothing! You can manipulate flight pattern by putting your hand close to the drone during flight. By far coolest product ever! Got mine...get yours!
by R. Curtis
Great Toy
I originally wrote a negative review for this toy....I have to take it all back! This is a wonderful toy, just follow the directions. First, there are little screws holding in the toy. The screwdriver is under the toy with the charger. The directions fail to tell you this piece of information. You will break the toy if you try to remove it without removing the screws. Charging and calibrating were cake and the drone flew well afterward. Our grandson will enjoy this. My husband and I were thinking of buying another for ourselves!
by GrammyJ
Don't throw it up in the air
It flies on it's own very safe lots of fun even at 75
by Andy A
Very AWESOME toy!
How awesome this is! Purchased for my grandson's 6th birthday. I know it says 14+ but reviews made me want to give it a shot. At 1st appearance I thought it appeared flimsy, however I put it to the test and was pleasantly surprised. It withstood some good collisions and my dog attacking it. While I recommend avoiding such incidents, it still works like a champ. Not sure who enjoyed it more, the kids or the adults Will be ordering more for the older grandkids
by T Ramsey
Super fun and surreal.
This is perfect. Scary good. You throw it into the air and it takes off! I was worried that it only had 10 minutes of flying time but it’s so overwhelming that you don’t really want to have more than that. Amazing but quite surreal. I relax when it finally lands but it doesn’t run into anything and flys around like a giant buzzing fly with flashing lights. Quite entertaining. Fun to catch and guide. I am 68 years old. Trust me. This is fun.
by Barbara Eggenberger
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