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Raw Manuka Honey Certified NPA 20+ Highest Grade MGO 820+ Medicinal Strength - BPA Free Jar - Cold Extraction - Independently Verified 250g
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About the product
  • ✅ MANUKA INGREDIENTS: 100% RAW MGO 820+ Manuka Honey (Often tests higher than 820 - see image above). Every batch tested in New Zealand Accredited Laboratories for Purity and Activity Levels. Active Medical Honey or medical grade honey is produced from Leptospermum plants found growing in both Australia and New Zealand. The honey from these plants has unique healing properties not found in other honeys.
  • ✅ BEES: Our bees are managed naturally by organic standards without the use of sugar feeding, veterinary pharmaceuticals or chemicals.
  • ✅ COLD EXTRACTION OF MANUKA HONEY: The special cold extraction method we use preserves the antibacterial properties and wound healing abilities of this unique Leptospermum honey.
  • ✅ PRODUCTION: Tested at independent laboratories to ensure accurate levels of potency prior to packaging. Higher MGO levels than honeys marked as manuka honey UMF 10, manuka honey UMF 15 and the same as those being offered as manuka honey 20+.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
I use Wederspoon daily, but keep this powerful stuff ...
I use Wederspoon daily, but keep this powerful stuff in the medicine cabinet. Bought some for family as well.I was scheduled for open heart surgery. Endocarditis had caused my mitral valve to leak and had Staph Aureus bacteria. I was in a near death state for a month. Sepsis.I took the honey daily and a pal made some Manuka Mead while I awaited surgery after hospitalization. Guess what? Surgery was cancelled. The bacteria was no longer in the valve. PHEW!!!!!
I recommend this medicinal honey to many of my patients who ...
I recommend this medicinal honey to many of my patients who struggle with chronic gastric sensitivities secondary to floral imbalances. I traditionally have utilised New Zealand Manuka for this purpose, but the strength and affordability of this brand have made it a go-to for many who struggle with the high costs of using similar strength Manuka honey sourced from NZ.
Seth Linn DO
Thank you for selling us this awesome product.
After reading the reviews and looking at the price I decided to take a chance with this Manuka Honey. My wife had surgery and some stitches popped lose exposing a large area on her inner thigh. We used this Honey and applied it directly to the wound and wrapped it using fresh dressings every time. We found that the longer we left it on the wound in between fresh dressings the faster it healed. 2-3 days and up to 5 max. I strongly suggest this product for wound healing. It's the real deal. Shipped to our door within 2 days. Thank you for selling us this awesome product.
Nasal congestion is the worst. I bought a jar of this
I never have sent a review about anything yet, but, I just had to about this manuka honey!! I suffer from all sorts of allergies. Nasal congestion is the worst. I bought a jar of this. Every night before bed, I put a little honey on one end of a q-tip and run it around in my one nostril, then do the same with the other end of the q-tip for the other nostril!!! Unbelievable how this stuff works!!!!!!!!!!! Keeps me breathing all night and all day!!!
carol morey
Healing Manuka Honey at a good value and taste
I am using this to treat a large skin(less) wound on our dog, as per our veterinarian's recommendation. Before buying this product, I bought a similar honey, the highest rating, (MGO 550) available at our HFS, cost $73 from NZ. The wound was so terrible- missing skin ~ 4"x 7", that looking at it, made me ill, anything that could heal it fast seemed worth it. However, that bottle only lasted a couple weeks, and I couldn't afford that again. Searching online, I saw this honey has an EVEN HIGHER, MGO of 820. I believe it is harvested honey from the same plant, just grows in southern Australia instead of Autearoa (New Zealand). Actually the first honey tasted more medicinal, certainly not for eating. This honey, while having a similar taste, was definitely eatable. The would continues to heal, and I am very happy to be using it. If you want a medicinal honey that you can also eat, I think this is the one.Mine arrived in perfect condition, and it had an inner seal cap to insure nothing could spill
Jennifer S. Ho
This honey worked great. Had a cough I could not get rid ...
This honey worked great. Had a cough I could not get rid of and used this honey and cough was gone in 4 days. Will always keep a bottle of this in the house for cold season. Will buy again.
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