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INK Tattoo Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+ Water Resistant (6 oz)
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About the product
  • PROTECTS TATTOOS FROM FADING with a fine continuous spray
  • BROAD SPECTRUM UVA/UVB maximum protection for tattooed skin
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS moisturize and smooth skin
  • DRIES TIGHT zero residue, zero fragrance
  • REEF SAFE, CRUELTY FREE & VEGAN better for you and the planet
What Our Customers Are Saying
Every Day Use
I’ve gotten in the habit of putting this on every morning after I shower. Even though I only have a tattoo on my back, I spray it all over my body. I can’t feel it or smell it and it’s so easy to apply so why not protect my entire body?
Monica C
Love it!
Thanks for this amazing product I love it and it was a great idea to create it bc we spend a lot on out tattoos for them to not be taken care of! I’ve been trying it for a couple of days since i have been in the sun a lot and let me tell you all it’s a great product ❤️
Aylin M.
Ink Spray
I noticed my tattoo remaining nice and colorful why keeping hydrated and protected. Love this product.
Alanie A
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