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Hyde Tools 09165 Dust-Free Drywall Vacuum Hand Sander with 6-Foot Hose, 6'
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About the product
  • Drywall hand sander attaches to any wet/dry vacuum for sanding without dust throughout your worksite

  • Protects furniture, floors, electronics-and your lungs-from invasive drywall dust
  • EasyClamp system allows sanding screen replacement quickly and easilyComes with 6" hose, coupling adapter that fits all wet/dry hose sizes (1 3/4", 1 1/2", 2 1/2")
  • Also one sheet of reversible sanding screen
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What Our Customers Are Saying
It's so great, I'd almost buy it for you.
I despise doing anything related to drywall. I get my brother-in-law to do it. I get friends to do it. If Stalin were any good at it, I'd hire him to do it. I loath doing drywall.First off, I can't mud to save my life. Second, since I stink at mudding, I always have waaaay too much sanding to do which means the inside of my house could be the movie set of a winter movie. Picture James Bond skiing down my pursuit of Stalin who was doing my drywall.Then I buy this and it almost changed my life. Wow, this thing is a gift from heaven. Dust is practically non-existent when I use it. I can sand in a black tuxedo if I wanted to and not worry about it. It easily attaches to your shop-vac, or any vacuum for that matter. My vac hose is 1.25" and the hose attached right to it. There are two adapters included to cover other sizes of vacuum hoses. It comes with one sanding screen of 150 grit paper.I can honestly say I almost enjoy doing drywall now because there is no mess to clean up.Stalin, you're fired!###UPDATE###Yipeeee! I'm a nail-pop-fixing machine! My drywall skills have improved to the point of where the first little piggy would let me do drywall in his straw house. The piggy with the brick house won't even look at me. I know he sees me walking down the street, but he pretends to be playing Pokemon Go and doesn't look up from his phone. I hate that guy....all snooty with his brick house and nice flat walls.I'm still loving this tool!###ANOTHER UPDATE###OK, I've graduated from fixing only nail pops, and have delved into truly doing drywall--you know....butt joints, taping, corners, feathering, blah blah blah--all that good stuff. I'll admit, there's quite a bit more sanding involved than just doing nail pops. I have to change my story a little bit and say I wouldn't wear a tux anymore when sanding, but this thing is still great at keeping down the dust. I'm sure my lungs are thanking me. I just finished a room in my house where I fixed a huge hole in the ceiling and had to re-do some butt joints (previous owner was even worse than me at drywall--I didn't think that was possible) and when I was done, my shop vac looked like it had 15 pounds of baby powder in it. I wonder if I could mix that with water and use it as mud for my next job? Hmmmmmm, I may never need to buy drywall mud again!Still loving this thing!
Heavy but worked great.
Did a lot of drywalling in my house, the dust was crazy! I bought this and darn it, it works! Much less dust, easy to use. The only thing wrong with it is it gets heavy after awhile and awkward with the hose and vacuum attached to it. Other then that, found it a great asset.
C. Joseph
It helps a lot
So if you have a small sending job to do and have furniture in the room this item is great. It will not remove 100% of the dust but does remove a majority. Happy I bought it.
Pierre alain isore
Es lo que esperaba
Llego antes de lo que esperaba, los materiales son de buena calidad.
elias valdez
This is awesome, had a small repair 20" X 20" on ...
This is awesome, had a small repair 20" X 20" on my rec-room ceiling worked as advertised even came with a single drywall screen of 150 grit. A job like this can make an enormous amount of clean up in a finished area but I could barely find any dust when I was finished sanding. Fit without the adapters on my small shop vac.
Amazon Customer
Product was great. Delivery was not.
The product was fine and what i expected. What I wasn’t impressed with, was “Amazon prime” As a new prime member, my delivery took 5 days. You know what they say about first impressions.
Amazon Customer
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