Stop Bad-Odours:
Intima Cream-Deu Cleanser
Intima ANTI-ODOUR is the Intimate Deodorant Cream which specifically and naturally fights bad vaginal odours, that are often symptoms of discomfort, Menstruation and sweat (Candida Albicans, Gardnerella vaginalis). Enriched with innovative prebiotic fibres of natural origin, fundamental to regulate vaginal bacterial flora, it helps preserve the physiological acidity of the vaginal membranes.
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protect from vaginal infection, itching, smell
  • Relaxing The Skin After Shave
  • Stop-intichin in your sensitive areas
  • Keep Your Intimate Places Clean
  • Effective For 4-5 Days!
  • With naturally derived surfactants.
  • More than 95 % of natural ingredients.
  • Allergen-free fragrance.
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