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Groomarang Power Of Man 'Age Response' Day & Night Anti Ageing Cream - For Face And Neck - Contains Avocado Oil Mineral Salts Ginseng Root & Niosomes
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About the product
  • AGE RESPONSE CREAM - Anti Ageing Treatment For Men With A Moisturising, Soothing Action. It Gives Firmness And Defends Against External Agents, Revitalises The Dull Effect And Hinders The Visible Signs Of Ageing
  • MAINTAIN THE SKIN'S ELASTICITY - Ginseng Combats The Effects Of Free Radicals While Maintaining A Constant And Effective Antioxidant Action, Slowing Down Cell Ageing
  • SKIN REJUVENATION - The Human Body Is Subject To Phenomena Of Dryness And Dehydration, Which Is Why It Needs Gentle Cleansing. This Helps To Prevent It Thanks To The Moisturising, Protective, Stimulating And Antioxidant Effect Of The Minerals.
  • NOURISH & REGENERATE - Avocado Oil: It Has Excellent Nourishing And Regenerating Properties, Which Make It Suitable Especially For Dry And Mature Skin, Devitalised, Rough, Dehydrated Or Extinguished.
  • FOR SENSITIVE & DELICATE SKIN - Our Mens Face Cream Contains Bisabolol Which Is Effective As A Soothing Agent In Face Cream For Inflamed, Reddened Skin Affected By Irritation In General.
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