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Groomarang 24/7 Facial Skincare Gift Set | Day Cream | Night Cream | Anti Pollution Gel | Essential Ingredients Vitamin C, B3, B5, E, Gineng, Aloe Vera & Collagen
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About the product
  • GROOMARANG 24/7 SKINCARE - Perfect 24/7 facial skincare set, which includes a DAY facial gel, NIGHT facial cremigel and DETOX anti pollution facial gel
  • DAY FACIAL GEL - It is enriched with a combination of 5 vitamins, Ginseng and Argan Oil to deliver and exceed the required elements for healthy youthful looking skin.
  • NIGHT CREMIGEL - supplies moisture to the dry parts of your face - Boosts collagen in your skin and helps in better blood circulation
  • DETOX ANTI POLLUTION GEL - Must have gel if you live in the city - protective shield against the environmental influences it might face throughout the day.
  • SPECS - Designed for men, by men! - Suitable fro all skin types - Instructions: Apply the required amount daily on to the face and massage until fully absorbed.
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