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Geneflora Hip and Joint Tasty Soft Chews, Joint Supplement for Dogs, with Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM, and Turmeric, Contains Probiotics and Enzymes for Healthy Digestive Support and Immunity
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About the product
  • Reduces Inflammation - This combination of glucosamine chondroitin dog supplementation has been shown to reduce joint issues and improve mobility in dogs and other pets; Humans benefit greatly from the same combination - but you can find those supplements in store, not here
  • Healthy Digestion - Healthy digestion starts in the gut; Geneflora Hip and Joint Treats contain enzymes and probiotics that boost a healthy digestive system and therefore help your pet absorb more nutrients from their food and supplements
  • Doggy Breath - Our dog joint supplement chews have another advantage, reducing stinky dog breath; When your pup’s digestion improves that also reduce bad breath, consider it a healthy side effect
  • Increase of Happy Energy - The ingredients in this dog hip and joint supplement help to reduce joint inflammation; Reducing this inflammation also reduces pain and further damage, greatly improving the mood and energy of your dog
  • If It's Called a Treat it Should Taste Good - Mouthwatering beef flavor will have your pup wanting more; You can feel good about giving this treat for many reasons: Reduces inflammation, Improves digestion, Boosts healthy immunity, & Reduces diarrhea and gas
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Old dog has better mobility
My dogs love them! They think they’re a treat! My 13 year old dog acts like he feels better.
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