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ENHANCE Pathogen Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard 
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About the product
  • FAST OPTICAL SENSORS: Laser technology provides a blazing 0.2ms response with no artificial delay or chatter by having a switch break an IR light beam rather than metal contacts coming together
  • TACTILE BLUE SWITCHES: Clicky blue switches ensure a satisfying click with every keystroke and have Cherry MX stems to easily replace the keycaps with other custom caps
  • RAINBOW LIGHTING WITH 9 EFFECTS: 6 color rainbow LED lighting with 9 dynamic effects including Fade, Static, Explosion, and more
  • PRO LEVEL FEATURES: Nano-coated circuit board offers splash & dust resistance, NKRO & Anti-Ghosting for Precision, Double-injected keycaps for durability
  • SOLID ALUMINUM FACE PLATE: Metal design ensures stability and offers a sleek modern aesthetic that complements any gaming set up
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Very nice Optical Gaming Keyboard, feels great and nice price
OK the last time I used a Mechanical keyboard was in the 80's back when I was on IBM machines. This reminds me of the same way it sounds though the lighted keys look way better. It's not a quite keyboard but the feel is nice and solid. I set the lights to not rotate as it's too confusing typing with the lights scrolling around. I like the wrist rest which works real well for me. I did have to get use to the typeface of the keyboard as the keys have little missing sections to the characters which takes a little getting use to at first but it only took me a few minuets to feel comfortable with it. The cloth wrapped wire connection looks very well done and make a solid connection to the computer. I've only had the keyboard for a few weeks and so far it's feels great and operates as expected. If your looking for a lower priced board I would give this one a try.
D. B. Cutter
After using it a week, one key was malfunctioning. I request a replacement and got a free one day shipping. I have used it for almost 3 months and no more issues. Actually, I love using it. The clicking sound wasn't too loud, and the height of the keyboard is just about right. The backlight is non-programable, but there are few options to select. I actually doesn't care much about the backlight as long as I can adjust the brightness. Overall, really good keyboard with a decent price.
Huu Lam
Great keyboard at affordable price
After doing some research I decided to depart from the big names and try out this company as a friend recommended it. I love the mech blue switches and the keyboard has been working fantastically! I highly recommend it to anyone who games and wants a more showy set up.
N. Wahab
Great keyboard for any gamer!
Love this keyboard! The sound it makes when you type/play is super satisfying, and the press of the keys feels just right. The colors are vibrant and make a cool ambiance in my game room. The wrist bar is comfortable too. Would recommend to anyone who needs a new keyboard!
Abbey McClain
Super fast and satisfying click
This is one awesome keyboard. Compared to normal blue switches it has a much faster response time thanks to the optical switches. And since they are still blues you get that super satisfying click with every key press. Definitely a win in terms of value
Best keyboard
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