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ENHANCE Cryogen Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad - Fits up to 17 inch Computer 
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About the product
  • ULTRA QUIET FANS: The Cryogen laptop cooler features super silent stealth fans that dissipate heat away from your laptop to dramatically decrease heat buildup from intensive gaming
  • DUAL USB POWER PORTS: Connect your laptop using the first port to power the cooling pad and use the extra port to connect your gaming mouse, charge your phone, transfer data, and much more
  • LIGHTING AND FAN CONTROLS: Adjust speed and LED lighting intensity using the controls on the side. One dial controls the large fans and the other dial controls the small central fans
  • 7 ANGLE ADJUSTABLE STAND: Select the perfect angle to reduce strain on your wrists and neck using the easy to adjust angle stand. The Cryogen offers a wide degree angle ideal for use anywhere
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY: All ENHANCE Gaming products are backed by a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Keeps gaming laptop cool for extended playtime
This computer cooling fan along with new gaming laptop was a birthday/Christmas gift for 13 year old grandson. The fan has multiple height setting that is a plus, so wherever he sits the height can be adjusted. It is very quite and it works extremely well in keeping gaming laptop cool so he can keep on playing in multiple player games. Laptop does not overheat which would result in quitting the gameplay fun. Very pleased with cooling fan.
Chilly Kitty
The Laptop Cooling Pad I've Been Looking For.
I have been looking for a new cooling pad ever since my old one broke after a few years. The old one still works it's just not as powerful as it used to be. That old one was an Enhance cooling pad. I figured I would try other brands and none of them worked as well. So after returning the ones I didn't like I figured I'd order another Enhance. And then I saw that they upgraded and I gotta say I am in love with this cooling pad. The fans are powerful. I can feel air through my keyboard. My laptop is not running near as hot. For now one when I need a new pad at this price point I'll only buy Enhance.
Dustin Cheek
Great product for laptop gaming.
Overall I like this for my lap when I’m gaming. I use headphones so I don’t hear the little noise the fans do make. You can turn on either the small fans, large fans, or both depending on how much airflow your need.
Charles Watson
Great laptop fan
I live that I can turn it on and off. I can also control the speed.
Kimberley M F
Great design
Works great and very quiet. My laptop hasn’t overheated once since I got this cooling pad.
David B Watkins
Love it
Bought this for my son and he loves it. He uses it with his chrome book all the time. Really bright color and great output
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