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Creation Farm Balm Of Gilead Salve - Pain Relief Soothing Sore Muscle and Arthritis Massage Rub Natural Herbal Plant Based Ointment, Pomada De Gilead Savilla - 4 oz Jar - fast acting
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About the product
  • PAIN?-FAST ACTING MUSCLE RUB-results driven grass roots relief formula mentioned on that DR. TV show
  • SOOTHING THAT LASTS - As Seen on TV, knees, legs,rub on anywhere
  • EFFECTIVE ARTHRITIS RELIEF- Soothe issues in neck, back, neuropathy, muscle, hips, ankles, knees
  • Eggective quick relief for the itch, pain, swelling, and burning from fly bites and other stinging insect bites
  • Ungüento - THERAPEUTIC HERBS - ChiropractIc, physical therapy, massage therapy, podiatry and athletic training Pro's use Balm of Gilead Salve to provide immediate relief from many common conditions
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What Our Customers Are Saying
I am glad that I did
My husband was having problems with the bottoms of his feet. I seen this product on "Life Below Zero", thought why not? I am glad that I did. Since then several of my co-workers have purchased this for their families. Works great!!!
Jennifer Stackhouse
I love this product!! I have neuropathy in my feet, the nerves dance as I call it... it soothes the nerves so the nerves calm down so I can get to sleep.. just ordered again!! Thank you for a wonderful product...
My new staple
Great product, works great with natural clean and very minimal odor
Debera K. Reyes
Works for my Peripheral Neuropathy!
This product works for my Peripheral Neuropathy pain in my feet. My husband rubs my feet with it every night and it seems to calm the nerve endings, so I can get to sleep. It may not work for everyone, but it does work for me. The smell is not bad either! Much better than other pain creams out there.
Five Stars
Healing magic and smells great
Gary O. Suderman
Great for lower back, calves. Actually much better than 10% Katemine used in compound drugs. Works faster and doesn’t require RX
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