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Coffmax Manual Coffee Grinder – Ceramic Conical Burr Mill with 16 Grind Settings – Quiet Coffee Beans Grinder with Stainless Steel Hand Crank + BONUS Cleaning Brush & eBook – Perfect for Travel & Camping
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About the product
  • FOR COFFEE CONNOISSEURS – Do you hate using loud electric grinders that leave your coffee grounds too uneven for a great brew? For robust aromas, terrific taste, and the best brew, use Coffmax's manual grinder! This grinder gives you uniform grounds so you can start every day with the freshest cup of joe!
  • 16 COARSENESS SETTINGS – Grind your beans for any machine! With 16 coarseness settings, your coffee bean grinder accommodates all coffee machines. Simply select your desired coarseness without taking the coffee grinder apart. Now you can grind coffee beans finely for espresso or coarsely for your French press!
  • PERFECTLY PORTABLE & COMPLETELY QUIET – Enjoy the robust taste of freshly ground coffee anywhere with your portable grinder. No batteries or electricity are required to get even grounds! And because it's completely manual, you won't wake the kids or spouse to get a fresh brew.
  • BETTER BREW BONUS GIFTS – Easily clean your manual coffee grinder with the BONUS cleaning brush! Now you can get every nook and cranny to a spotless shine with ease! You also receive a FREE eBook filled with recipes for the 20 most popular coffee-based beverages!
  • WARRANTY BREWED STRONG – We're sure you'll love your new manual coffee grinder, but if starts to grind your gears let us know! It comes backed by a 3-month warranty to ensure you’re satisfied brew after brew.
What Our Customers Are Saying
Useful appliance every kitchen needs!
Absolutely wonderful coffee grinder, very easy to use and it has coarseness adjustment! Definitely recommend!
by Amazon Customer
Excellent quality
Impressed, very easy to use and quiet. Love it
by Nelee
You can even travel with it!
As we are traveling a lot, my husband was looking for a small and convenient coffee grinder to assure he has his cup of fresh coffee every morning. We are very happy with this easy to use product. Highly recommended.
by Natalya S.
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