"I have gone through literally dozens of these over my career. This particular brand has held up the longest so far." - Erik E., Amazon Customer
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About the Product
  • KEEPS SHIRTS TUCKED IN: These shirt stays keep your shirt tucked in all day long, so you always look sharp and professional.
  • ALSO KEEPS SOCKS UP: This "Y" style attaches to your socks to keep them up as well. Like sock suspenders! No more sagging socks!
  • ADJUSTABLE: Quick and easy to adjust. These shirt keepers almost any height person.
  • GREAT FOR THOSE IN UNIFORM: This product is popular with military personnel as well as police, all types of law enforcement, cadets, ROTC and JROTC members and also business people who want to look sharp and professional.
What Our Customers Are Saying
Good quality shirt stay with holding power
I use shirt stays daily for work. I have gone through literally dozens of these over my career. This particular brand has held up the longest so far. The clamping mechanism is strong and the plastic teeth grip just right. There is no metal pin that damages your clothes. Will buy this brand as long as its available
Erik E., an Amazon Customer.
Shirt down, socks up!
Got these for my guy, he works in law enforcement so he tries to keep his uniform looking sharp. He told me that the other guys use them too. Well, i dont know what goes on in the locker room with them peeking at each other gadgets, but he says they work great.
Michael Blake, an Amazon Customer
I purchased these for my husband, first time ever trying the Y-Style shirt stays! He said they are amazing, he never has to readjust or fix them throughout the day. Also that they have the strongest clips he's ever seen! We will definitely purchase these again in the future, plus you can't beat the price! Along with the awesome customer experience with the seller, that verified we were completely satisfied after the fact!
Courtney Bissette, an Amazon Customer
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