"It is very simple to use and comfortable to wear." - Amazon Customer
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About the Product
  • Garter-Style shirt stays offer another option that some prefer. They attach to your thigh and then have 3 clips on each piece (6 clips per set) to keep your shirt neatly tucked in.
  • KEEPS SHIRTS TUCKED IN: These shirt stays keep your shirt tucked in all day long, so you always look sharp and professional.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Quick and easy to adjust. These shirt keepers almost any height/weight person.
What Our Customers Are Saying
It is very simple to use and comfortable to wear
I am in Law Enforcement and bought this product in hopes of keeping the top of my uniform tucked and neat. This product works exactly as described and I have no issues. It is very simple to use and comfortable to wear. No problems at this point...I am very happy with this purchase.
Amazon Customer
You will be much happier with this than those cheaper ones
Well worth the extra 5 bucks. I was really surprised by these because I have ordered many others in the past, and I thought they were all exactly the same. I have a very large leg, and there is actually room to loosen it even more than I need (huge surprise). One size all really works here. The main clip that connects the big band around the leg also appears to be decent and is coated with something to give it more thickness and reduces slipping apart. I only ordered one to test it, and it passes my stringent standards. Gonna order another pair for backup because they all fail eventually (usually about 6 months wearing them every business day). You will be much happier with this than those cheaper ones.
Amazon Customer
Keeps my shirt tucked in
The shirt stays work perfectly. Keeps your shirts "tucked in" all day. I was worried that they would slide up my thighs after wearing for a while, however they did not. I recommend these highly. I didn't have to keep tucking my shirt in. My only issue is that I have a belly, so it takes some adjusting so that it doesn't stick out too much, but the shirt did not come untucked.
Roger King, Amazon Customer
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