"Recommend for anyone who struggles with bloating or some belly fat" - G. Brees, Amazon Customer
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About the Product
  • ELASTIC - expands and contracts as needed for maximum comfort in the waist area of your existing pants. Makes any pants, slacks or trousers into adjustable stretchy waistband pants. Great for early pregnancy as a maternity waist extender.
  • ADJUSTABLE - has 3 button slots to adjust these pants extenders, plus the elastic is stretchy.
  • STRONG - our elastic does not stretch out too easily like many other pant extenders do.
  • COMFORTABLE - gain an extra 1" to 2" in your pants waistline for additional comfort fit.
  • 5-PACK - sold as a 5-pack so you can keep a pants button extender in your car, office, etc.
What Our Customers Are Saying
Smaller Buttons Work Where Others Don't
These have been a Godsend. They give three options for expanding your waist... These buttons are smaller than the metal button spring loop extenders I purchased that I also like but didn't fit all my pants buttonholes. Some white and tan colors would be a welcome addition. Recommend for anyone who struggles with bloating or some belly fat...
G. Brees, an Amazon Customer
Just what I needed for my (sadly) increasing girth. Glad to know there's something I can use to keep the pants I already love that are a little snug in the tummy. Way cheaper than new pants and work so very well. Perfect! Love these!
Amazon Customer
Three button holes AND elastic
Really liked these. Liked the fact they were elastic and can expand even more (to button more easily). Also like the three button holes; can be used over a longer period.
Amazon Customer
They actually work really well!
I'm a large man. 6'5" 300 lbs. With fall here and winter fast approaching, it was time to break out the jeans. Ugh, I must have gained some weight. Anyway, the extenders arrived and I'm happy to say they work better than expected. Great product.
GDoobah, an Amazon Customer
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