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The HomeN’Stars Reward Chart for Kids has been developed in collaboration with a US expert in Child Psychology and is designed and illustrated by a US designer who specializes in products for kids.
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  • Get 20% off this Reward Chart as a valuable accessory for you in your work with families, and resell it to your patient (you may charge full price or let them enjoy the discount).  Leaving the clinic with a ready-made and easy to assemble reward chart, makes life easier for the therapist, parents and children involved. 
Why Choose the HomeN’Stars Reward Chart?
  • It’s the only reward chart in the market that was developed, designed and illustrated by experts.
  • Reward Chart set also has 30 stickers that a parent can keep in the car or his/her bag so that even when they are away from home, kids can be rewarded for positive behaviors. Then the sticker can be exchanged for a star on the chart once they get home. 
  • The magnetic smiley stars are stackable so that for behaviors such as potty, a child can get more than one star a day to reinforce his positive behavior
  • It uses positive, empowering language
  • It comes with detailed instructions for parents 
  • It can be used as a magnet or hung on the wall 
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