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BURLY Wrist Wraps - 18" Professional Grade Straps - Heavy Duty (Best Support & Stiffness) - Men & Women - Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit & More - 1 Pair & Bonus Pouch
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Protect Your Wrists - Avoid Pain & Injury - Maximize Your Performance!

Wrist wraps by BURLY will enhance your workouts, insure a proper technique, and prevent injury.  Designed to help athletes maximize performace, minimize wrist fatigue during reps and prevent bending in the wrists.  Whether you’re strength training, a sports athlhete or doing basic body weight exercises, it’s imperative that you protect your wrists.  These premium-grade lifting wrist wraps will get the job done.

Comfort Fit Adjustability

Crafted with soft comfort-fit polyester and ultra strong elastic.  These wraps are customized with a "pipeline" velcro hook to optimize gripping and adjustability.  The hook and loop is secured with double stitching and uses the highest quality velcro.  You will be able to crank your wraps tight, do a set, then pop them loose between sets with ease.

Perfect Size, Stiffness & Quality

Most wraps are not made for heavy weight lifting and compromise their usability for comfort.  You may find they are overly soft or stretchy, offer little support, too short in length, velcro pops loose, elastic stretches out, thumb loops tear, stitching comes undone, etc.  Wrist wraps by BURLY are custom made to fix common issues and give you the best experience possible. 

Purchase Details:

✓ 1 pair (2 wraps) - 18" long and 3" wide
✓ Air breathable mesh pouch for storing your wraps.
✓ Instructions on "How to Use Wrist Wraps"
✓ Comes in BURLY Signature Packaging
  • STABILIZE YOUR WRISTS & LIFT MORE WEIGHTS: The Hype is real. These high performance wraps provide superior wrist stability and support for weightlifting, crossfit, strength training, powerlifting, calisthenics, burpees, planks, yoga, mma & more. See for yourself why people are raving about BURLY wrist wraps in the gym. You will literally wonder how you ever worked out without them.
  • BEST HEAVY DUTY 18” ELASTIC WRIST WRAPS: Most wrist wraps are not made for heavy weightlifting and compromise their usability for comfort. You may find they are overly soft & stretchy, offer little support, too short in length, velcro pops loose, elastic stretches out, thumb loops tear & fray, stitching comes undone, etc. Wrist wraps by BURLY are custom made to fix these common issues.
  • REACH YOUR FITNESS GOALS: It’s time to take your bench press, shoulder press, deadlifts, shrugs and other exercises to the next level. Whether you have wrist pain, weak wrists or want to crush old personal records in the gym - these wraps are the tried and true way to GO. You will notice significant improvements during your first workout or your MONEY BACK.
  • THE PERFECT COMFORT & SUPPORT: Tired of wraps that dig into your skin or lack the necessary support? You won’t experience that here! Our wraps boast the perfect combination of stiffness and comfort. They have the right balance between flexibility, softness, and cushion while providing superior levels of support to immobilize the wrists during extreme workouts.
  • WHAT IF I’M NOT HAPPY? We want to give you the most value and bang for your buck.  To ensure your satisfaction, we will provide a full REFUND or REPLACEMENT for 1 year.  So, what are waiting for?!  Try it 100% RISK FREE.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Super comfortable get a set
I got these wrist wraps and they are great. I already had a set of wrist wraps and thought they all would be them same. I was wrong. These things are super comfortable and support great. When I first put them on I thought they were bulky, especially compared to my other ones, but that extra length adds support and is perfect. There is no binding or pinching just comfortable. If you you are looking for a great wrist wrap and affordable these should be on your list.
by thomas lathrop
No more pain
I’ve used other wrist wraps in the past and they have failed due to the wraps tearing or the finger loops falling apart too soon. I started using Burly wrist wraps after reading reviews and wanted to try it for myself. With the help of the wrist wraps, I am able to do more reps during my workouts with no pain. Would highly recommend this product to anyone who is getting serious with their fitness goals.
by Kevin Lee
High-quality product
Well-made, good-quality product. Used the wraps a couple of times, feel like they'll last quite a while. The construction is much better than other products in this bracket.
by David M. Dietrich
The best support
In my honest opinion, I love them. First wraps I get the most support. They are really good and I don’t gotta stretch them out to the max like others. The packaging was great, also loved when you open them you can see the “L” and “R” right away. Makes it easy! Especially for the beginners that don’t know how to put them on -I was one. They are honestly my favorite wrist wraps and I have 8 other ones, these will be my go-to from now on!
by Amazon Customer
this wraps are AMAZING! I can get my wrists pretty much casted ...
As someone who has sustained countless wrist injuries from athletics and training, this wraps are AMAZING! I can get my wrists pretty much casted with these on so there is zero movement. I was able to get a wrist pain free chest training session in for the first time in months. I would recommend these to anyone who has repeatedly sprained their wrists and enjoys training heavy like myself! Great wraps once again!
by Austin Ruter
I noticed at first look how much better made these were than my older set and the ...
I've been having some wrist issues lately, so I ordered these straps to use at the gym. I noticed at first look how much better made these were than my older set and the older set were really not of much help, although they are a popular brand. The wraps are incredible. Do yourself a favor and get these.
by mickey webb
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