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2 Pairs (4 in Pack) Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insoles & Free eBook for just £1.50
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About the product
  • Full length orthotic insoles in 2 pairs (4 in Pack). Easy to trim with scissors to exactly fit your shoe size. These orthotic insoles full length with arch supports are lightweight, smooth, solid and fit easily into shoes once trimmed to fit. Full instructions on how to use the cushioned insoles are on the product packaging.
  • FREE Heel Pain Relief eBook: Your eBook will be automatically sent to your email, ready to download & read once your order is confirmed on Amazon. This detailed heel pain relief eBook will show you step by step how to treat your pain for good. Using this eBook alongside these foot supports for fallen arches should greatly relieve your heel pain.
  • These orthotic insoles arch support & arched insoles for flat feet will provide additional support at the heel to help relief pain caused by an over pronating foot, overpronation, pronation, flat feet, shin splints, fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain), heel spurs, morton's neuroma.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
These insoles have helped my pf.
These are the only insoles that have helped with my very painful plantar fasciitis. I bought several different pairs in an effort to do something about the pain that was severely affecting my wellbeing. My podiatrist confirmed that these would be the most helpful for me
Richard G
good product
They were bought for my wife, as she has to wear safety boots at work. Her own thoughts are they have made a huge difference. so I definitely give them five stars , happy wife , happy me
N s
Brilliant insoles!
I am so pleased I purchased these insoles (which for two pairs were very reasonably priced). They arrived swiftly and I am pleased to say they are now in my shoes and slippers all day/evening. I can highly recommend these insoles. I am a very happy person, walking pain free again. Thank you Fitbury. PS: The free e-book was very useful and a nice addition to the provision of the insoles.
Lincolnshire Lassie
Immediate relief felt in my back
As soon as I used the Insoles, I noticed the difference straight away. Provides excellent support to the feet, back and heel. I also found the 'how to use' guide at the back of packaging helpful too. Will definitely recommend!
Amazing profuct
From the moment I put the insoles into my shoe I felt relief. I can feel the support under my arch and although the plantar facilitis is still there, it’s been much more bearable. I had to trim them in order to fit my shoe properly but instructions were clear and it was easy to do. 
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