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Ivy Step Magnetic Tablet and Stylus for Kids with Two Stylus Pens to Encourage Free Play & Learning
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  • What's Included: In addition to the large Magnetic Board, 12.5" wide by 10.2" high, it comes with 2 Stylus Pens, a 25 Page Letter tracing book, plus templates to practice designing and drawing
  • Creative Expression. A fun, entertaining and engaging way for kids to express their creative talents & imagination. Magnetic stylus pen brings ball to surface to create design and pressing it down allows you to start a new masterpiece
  • How it works. Place the magnetic stylus over the magnetic bead board, allowing the beads to pop up to the surface, to start creating your own unique artwork.
  • Inner Artist or Designer. Let your child become their own Picasso with the magnetic stylus pen being the brush and the bead board the canvas. Create their own unique designs to build confidence and expressiveness.
  • Get off the TV. Hours of fun and play using the sensory-reinforced magnetic pad to process information through sight, sound and touch.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
This is such a fun and entertaining toy
This is such a fun and entertaining toy! I bought it as a birthday gift for my younger brother, and this (along with the other magnetic tracing boards from Ivy Step) kept him busy for hours. It provides great means for creativity to spark, and it even includes example pictures to start off with. It comes with an extra magnetic pen, which is nice because young children often tend to misplace things. This board actually kept ME busy for a while too! It's also great for college kids/ anyone who needs to destress, haha. The sides and bottom of the stylus can be used to push back down the beads quickly and all at once. I love these boards and will pass them down in my family for generations to come. :-)
They can draw whatever they want so they can still practice letters and numbers and also have a lot of fun making random doodles
Of the three Ivy products I bought for a friend, this one is definitely the most popular. They can draw whatever they want so they can still practice letters and numbers and also have a lot of fun making random doodles.
Dawn Hunter
Great Toy for Kids!
I am very impressed with the quality of this toy. Both my boys (ages 6 and 3) love it. My 3 year old is very into magnets right now, so this was right up his alley. It even came with a bunch of templates for them to use for examples. I've had this for a few weeks now and they still like playing with it, so I know its a good product.
Christina Lukehart
Entertained for hours
I love how big it is and the extras that came with it.
B. Peterson
The kiddos love this feel
Jessi Fincher
Fun and expressive
I bought this for my nephew along with other magnetic tracing boards and he loves it. He gets to draw whatever he wants with it and it also came with stencils and an extra stylus pen.
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