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Organic Chemistry Model Kit (239 Pieces) - Molecular Model Student or Teacher Pack with Atoms, Bonds and Instructional Guide
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About the product
  • MOLECULAR KIT. This Educational Molecule modeling kit is designed for Easy Chemistry learning for organic, inorganic and functional groups. The Structure Model Kit designed for beginner to advanced science and chemistry learning. Learn how to model organic structures, cyclic compounds, and stereoisomerism.
  • CHEMISTRY MODEL KIT in 3D. The 239 piece set provides to students from Grade 7 to Graduate level with color Coded bonds to help visually demonstrate the structure and geometry of compounds. All Atoms are color coded to universal standards making identification easy and use.
  • EASY to LEARN. This Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Kit comes with an Instructional Guide to easily identify all Atoms and Connectors, plus a Eight page Chemistry Starter Kit. Delivered in a sturdy plastic box with four compartments for storage and portability. It's a complete Model for Chemistry.
  • ASSEMBLY COMPLEX STRUCTURES in MINUTES. The Molecular Model Kit for Organic Chemistry contains high quality design of Atoms and Bonds that seamlessly connect and disconnect to ensure you don't get tired fingers. Bonus link remover included to make the task of dissembling your Molecular Model Kit Structures super easy and fast.
  • COLOR CODED TO UNIVERSAL STANDARDS. The Atoms are color coded to universal standards, making it easier for you. Smart box design with easy storage compartments for convenient storage.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
This is a great study aid for me in my organic chemistry class
This is a great study aid for me in my organic chemistry class! I like that it has LOTS OF PIECES compared to other kits. I can make lots of models without having to take the ones I have already built apart! This is also A LOT CHEAPER than all the other kits that I checked out! The only one downside (that has nothing to do with the quality of the model kit) is just the box. There are so many pieces in the box that the lid of the box does not quite close tightly. If I were to accidentally knock this box over, everything would definitely fall out. So I recommend using a rubber band of some sort to make sure it is securely closed. Nobody wants to have a bunch of atoms and bonds falling out and lose pieces. Overall AWESOME! I hope this helps all the students out there ACE CHEMISTRY!! 😁
You can make that lid fit the box
Excellent kit that will work for college General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry students. It's comparable to MolyMod kits but the parts are harder to take apart with MolyMod. This Old Nobby kit has more 5-hole (trigonal bipyramid) and 6-hole (octahedral) atoms than you'll ever use and removing most of them will make the lid for the box fit properly. For those who would like to include lone-pairs of electrons in their models to help visualize the relationship between Lewis structure and molecular shape (such as on the oxygen in water or the nitrogen in ammonia) it would be nice to have 4-hole (tetrahedral) oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the kit. Not a big deal since most model kits ignore lone pairs but after many years of teaching molecular geometry to college students I find that students do benefit if lone-pairs can be included in their models. For use in Organic Chemistry it would be useful to have more carbon atoms (black) and hydrogen atoms (white) and fewer of the other atoms.
Joe Sprague
Great kit to help with chemistry
I bought this for my high school aged daughter who is in AP Chemistry. She uses chemistry model kits in class to help with learning, and finds it so helpful she wanted one of her own. She knows she will get a lot of use with it for school work now and in the future as she wants to study chemistry in college. She also just likes to play with it haha. The pieces are constructed very nicely and fit together perfectly. There's even a little tool piece to help take the pieces apart which is handy. Everything is of excellent quality. HOWEVER, I will agree with all of the other reviewers who commented on the box not being big enough to hold all the pieces and close properly. This is 100% true. It's so odd how they are even trying to get all of these pieces into this box. I don't even think the box will stay closed well with it being empty! Such a strange design. We are buying another latching container to put this in. I'm still happy with the kit, but just know you'll need another storage solution.
Kirsten SH
The kids love it. Class is so much fun
We are a homeschool family. We are using this kit for chemistry class. The kids love it. Class is so much fun. Here is a picture of Keegan and caffeine.
Saved my GPA in Organic Chemistry for sure!
My university campus store offered a molecule kit and it was awful and confusing to use so I went looking to amazon for a replacement. I found this set because of the reviews and it is everything I wanted it to be and more! The kit is EASY to use and the pieces snap in without a lot of force needed (there is even a removal tool in case there are any issues) and there is a booklet inside that has a key to what colors represent what atom. The kit had more than enough pieces for a 300 level Organic Chemistry class and I had a lot of fun building complex molecules for fun without running out of pieces as well. Excellent kit all around and I recommended it to several other students who fell in love with it too.
Amber McCarley
Great Value for the Price!
This kit comes well packaged, no worries about damage in shipment. The "atoms" are very well made and sturdy and the "bonds" as well. Parts assemble with just about the right amount of force. Some young children might struggle but middle school students or up should have no problem making molecules. The parts are small, and are best for individual use, larger pieces would be desirable for teachers to use in front of a class. The box is solid with a snap off lid, and the tray is divided into four compartments. The only suggestion I would have to improve it is to add more divisions in the tray so the different bond types could be sorted. This is a perfect gift for any chemistry student.
Hugh Mannfield
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