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  • GET YOUR LIFE BACK: FAST & EFFECTIVE - Alleviate’s powerful & 100% Organic formula provides the best & fastest relief from pain, burning, swelling, bleeding, and itching hemorrhoids. 
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  • 100% NATURAL & SAFE - Made with an entirely natural & botanical formula that's been tested and proven. PREGNANT? Concerned about random chemicals on your skin? Alleviate is for you! .FDA registered and compliant, NDC 71453-288-50
  • FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY COMPARE WITH OTHER BRANDS - ALLEVIATE contains NO potentially harmful parabens, steroids or petrolatum, which some studies have linked to serious health concerns. No alcohol or animal by-products, Alleviate is halal, kosher & vegan friendly.
  • SOOTHES & SHRINKS - Our miracle balm lubricates and coats the sensitive passageways and works quickly to calm, repair & heal the inflamed, torn or damaged tissue & shrink swollen hemorrhoids. Start healing instantly and leave the pain behind with Alleviate’s fast-acting & powerful remedy.
  • NO CHEMICALS - Unlike other hemorrhoids treatments, Alleviate leaves out the harmful chemicals & steroids, using ONLY organic bio-enhanced ingredients. No added fragrances, alcohol, or preservatives are used in our formula - It's so natural, each of Alleviate's ingredients are totally edible!
Say Good Bye To Pain & Itches Once and For All
What Our Customers Are Saying
Don't have a surgery try this product first
After having my baby a suffered with painful hemorrhoids for months. I tried many products, but this is the only product that helped my itching and pain I highly recommend this product!

I believe treatment along with hazel wipes and drinking and eating fiber helped my hemorrhoid disappear it's been 2 months now and I feel great I can finally eat anything without worrying... please try this product before getting a surgery and for fiber intake I blended Half cucumber , 5 pieces of pineapple , 1 cactus ,1 golden apple ,1/4, aloe vera , Limon I drank this mix at night for 9 days (it doesn't taste as bad as it sounds) strong everything is going to be okay.
Aian Gutierrez
The Kryptonite to Pain-in-the-Butt
Warning: The following review contains words like 'anal' and 'skin tag'.

I cannot believe I am typing this for the world to see but I care THAT much about the well being of everyone's butt, that I am putting aside my own shame to help humanity overcome this secret suffering.

After years of not hydrating enough, having BM's like a rabbit (yep. pellets:-)) and suffering from mild hemorrhoids, I developed a huge case of hemorrhoids (ouch!) which cleared up slightly only to be followed by a very painful open anal skin-tag which was diagnosed by my GP.He gave me pharmaceutical suppositories which were very painful and did not seem to help very much.

The problem in that 'area' is that wounds and irritation do not clear up fast, as every time you have a BM, the whole area is inflamed and opened up again. So I had to break the cycle. My GP told me to drink a lot of prune juice (probably the worlds most unsexy drink), take 2 sitz baths a day (probably the worlds most unsexy activity) and it should clear up. Well, after a week, I was still in pain!
Until I found Alleviate on Amazon and read all the glowing reviews.

I decided to splurge on this as
A. I was in pain for weeks and getting desperate and
B. it is all natural which is so important for good health and I had already used about 25 suppositories with chemicals

.As soon as the product arrived, I used it. It smells amazing, feels soothing and takes away that raw feeling instantly. Yes, the creme can be a bit thick but the people who could not get anything out of the tube should probably try some Cross fit or they tried to open it in -10C.

Conclusion: if you have any anal pain of any kind, get Alleviate! It's a long road to recovery but at least with this product you will feel like you are making progress and because it's gentle and it actually works it puts some sexy back in between the prune juice and the sitz baths!
This was worth every penny!
**2018 update**
I love this product so very much that I am still using it all these years later whenever it is needed! What a a wonderful product and what a blessing! Thanks so much again!

[Previous review below]
I ordered this product three days ago and paid for rushed shipping. I have been suffering with a random occurrence of hemorrhoids and it has been the most painful experience of my life. I had no relief from the constant pain, it was hard for me to sit, bend over to urinate, lay down, sleep, you name it and it was extremely painful and uncomfortable. I was desperate to try anything and I am so glad I found this cream.

I put it on for the first time last night and it was worth all the money for just the pain relief! It had a effect I would say is similar to that of icy hot, but without the burning hot after the cooling effect, it immediately soothed my pain and overnight one of my two hemorrhoids has shrunk at least in half.

This was incredible because it was on the first night!! I am so excited to see how this helps me improve as the time goes on. I will update again in a few weeks to let everyone know, but I have very high hopes for this cream!

It was worth every penny, thank you SO MUCH NATICURA!!!!

Update 4/13/14: I am currently still using this product to control my itching and discomfort after every BM. The day prior to receiving this product, my external hemorrhoid had burst and this provided me with pain and itching relief that can get pretty intense as your hemorrhoid heals. To my knowledge, I had two active hemorrhoids and the smaller one was healed in days of using this cream, which I found incredible. The cooling effect is still my favorite part of the product and If I ever happen to get hemorrhoids again, which I pray to God I don't, I am definitely going to purchase another container of this.

Update 4/23/14:I continued to use the product, only applying once a day once my hemorrhoid swelling went down. It still provides itching and some pain relief after my BM. I truly believe this product sped up my healing for something I thought would never go away. This will be my last update since my symptoms have all but disappeared. I will now keep my body healthy and try to avoid the causes of my hemorrhoids for the future. Good luck everyone!
So far so good
Long story short, I often have intestinal issues even with plenty of water and a pretty good diet (esp fiber). I get hemeroids often and they usually stick around for a while which is painful whenever I go.

I was using prep H for a while but I would end up skipping doses bc I wouldn't have time for the clean up. I honestly bought this not bc it was all natural but bc it didn't really require clean up since it was just a tube and I like peppermint.

I started using this bc i began to get concerned, and after two days I noticed a huge difference. I still had some pain whenever I went, but I felt a lot better. I felt some tingling when applied but no stinging or discomfort. The first time I pushed it out of the tube was a bit tricky but it's been easy since. I plan on continuing to use this, esp more often in the day instead of twice, bc it looks like it's helping from what I can see and feel.
Great product , awesome!
Really appreciate this amazing product.I got this product for my uncle who has been suffering from the pain for years. My mom asked me if I can find some natural solutions for him because he already tried many medicines.

I found this on Amazon and wanted to give it a shot because the ingredients are all natural and organic, especially no chemicals which is really rare nowadays. I opened it and can smell the herbal ingredients, a fresh and healing smell.

It helps my uncle relieve the pain and discomfort a lot, now he doesn’t need to worry or suffer from pain daily, and he is very satisfied with Alleviate Hemorrhoid Treatment. Considering the privacy of this issue, it is a blessing to get this great product online.

After using this cream for a while and with some professional suggestions of health food habit, his symptoms have changed noticeably. I think anyone who has a similar issue should give this magical product a shot for - for a natural solution, it is very well done! Thanks for this brand.
Amazon Customer
Had tried several over the counter products but they were a waste of time and of money
Within a few days had relief. Had tried several over the counter products but they were a waste of time and of money.
Say Good Bye To Pain & Itches Once and For All
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Say Good Bye To Pain & Itches Once and For All