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Sheva Handmade Ballet Dancer Wooden Brooch Pin - Hand Painted Brooch Lapel Pin - Backpack And Jacket Pin - Hand Crafted Jewelry Last-minute Gift - Ballet Dancer Pin
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About the product
  •   Fashionable wooden jewelry made from high-grade and hypoallergenic materials. Superior quality of wood is used for each brooch pin made.
  •   Meticulously handcrafted and hand-painted by our passionate artists. A good deal of hard work and effort is put into making, crafting, and preparing the final piece.
  •   Water-Resistant paint to ensure each lovely designs lasts longer. Every lapel pin slightly comes around different than the other because each brooch pin has a different wood texture.
  •   Various handmade designs making it a perfect gift for family and friends on any occasion from christmas to mother's day. Wooden brooch pins are classic accessories that never really go out of fashion.
  •   A versatile decoration that can be used on shirts, jackets' lapels and formal wear as well as on backpacks, scarfs and hats or anything you can think of.
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