The Worlds First Mfi Controller with L3R3!
🎮 Rotor Riot Mfi Certified Controller  🎮

The world's first Apple-certified controller on the market with L3R3 buttons.

-No Lag or Latency
-Charge your phone as you play 
-Zero-G holder for a weightless feel
-Compatible with thousands of your favorite games

Secure yours today before they run out!
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About the product
  • THE ONLY MFI CONTROLLER WITH L3 R3: Rotor Riot offers the ONLY mfi certified controller on the market with L3 R3 functionality
  • LATENCY FREE: Uninterrupted gameplay with zero lag time. 
  • PASS THROUGH CHARGING: Charge your phone as you play for unlimited gaming without draining your device
  • COMPATIBLE WITH OVER 1000 APPS: Our affiliate app, Ludu Mapp, is compatible with over 1,000 apps
  • IOS COMPATIBILITY: Our mobile gamepad connects with all lightning connected devices running iOS 7 or later
What Our Customers Are Saying
l3/r3 is a promise yet to be fullfilled
Initial review at 3 stars. Now at 5.So like many people I was interested in this joystick as it's the first MFI controller to support l3/r3. Both Moonlight and R Play are aware of this controller. Moonlight has added a change to support it. Sadly I couldn't get anything to work with it yet (11/27/18). So treat l3/r3 as a promise and let's look at the rest of the joystick. The grip on the thumbstick is solid. The play on the stick comes across as gross but I think its related to the weight more than the stick. The dead zone seems good and allows fine movement. I do like the removable phone grip. The weight while balanced is way too light.I’m on the fence if I should return this but it has the attention of Moonlight/RPlay so I'm hoping it will get the support it needs.UPDATEI got used to the weight after playing with it abit. Still too light but I stopped noticing it. The sticks are fine. Roughly equal to a xbone stick. A tiny more wiggle in the dead zone. Definitely keeping it and once I can see any app using l3/r3 I’ll bump up the stars.Update 12/19: rotor riot had a firmware update (1.0.3) via the ludu mapp app that enabled l3/r3. Works like a charm on moonlight. Upgraded to 5 stars. Any complaints I've had are diminished by working l3/r3.
Great Customer Support and the controller does support Fortnite Battle Royale
If you are like us, you read the reviews. This controller has gotten mixed reviews on whether Fortnite works with this controller. My son decided he still wanted to give it try.Per the recommendation of some of the reviews, we immediately updated the firmware to the latest available (currently at 1.05). Unfortunately, it did not work, BUT we sent an email to customer support around 6 pm CST. We explained the details and asked for further guidance. By 6 am the next day, we had received a professional response. While working with customer support, we noticed that the controller settings was set to "limited." Once we updated the setting to "BuilderPro", the controller works with Fortnite Battle Royale.The customer service was excellent! Thank you for resolving the issue quickly!
Nicholas Kaczmarek
Using iOS Remote Play to PS4
For those of you purchasing this for iOS PS4 Remote Play this is likely your best choice. Even more so than the Nimbus.PS4 Remote Play for iOS is FULLY supported by this controller. It is the only MFI certified controller that has a working L3/R3 button. Make sure you download the app and apply the firmware to enable that.I am fully able to Remote Play fortnight, APEX, Watch Dogs, Battlefront, etc etc. This is the single best controller for iOS PS4 Remote Play!!!
Michael Coleman
L3/R3 working after firmware update using the Ludu Mapp app
The factory installed firmware (1.01) doesn't have working L3/R3 buttons, but the L3/R3 button functionality was enabled by updating the firmware to 1.03 via the Ludu Mapp app (Settings > Rotor Riot Controller Settings > Update Firmware).After the firmware update is complete, you can uninstall the Ludu Mapp app if you want.I'm a bit disappointed that the advertised L3/R3 functionality was not present on the factory installed firmware, but I can hardly complain as they did actually enable the functionality and it's the only controller of its kind on market right now. I suspect that many users will not install the companion Ludu Mapp app when prompted (I didn't at first), because they don't realize it's necessary to do the firmware update to enable the full functionality of the controller. Additionally, I think Ludu Mapp should prompt for the firmware update on the home page of the app rather than requiring the user to find the option in the settings page (or even to know that they should be looking for it).
Amazon Customer
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