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Premium Hydrolyzed Organic Collagen Peptides Supplement for Men and Women
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About the product
  • All in one supplement! Our product has the excellent formula that is capable to support collagen formation and protein synthesis. It will surely keep your body healthy and productive.
  • You’re best source! We specially made this supplement to provide the right amount of collagen that is also responsible in producing amino acids.
  • Perfect for your body! This supplement is also a great source of L-Lysine; an essential amino acid which supports collagen formation that can bring many benefits to your body. It helps to promote healthier skin, hair, joints, bones and more!
  • Composition: This hydrolyzed collagen is composed and is made up of 500mg pure collagen per Tablespoon (15mL) 500ml per bottle.
  • Directions: Take one Tablespoon once a day.
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