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Dafunna Acrylic Paint Pens for Rock Painting - 18 Colors Permanent, Waterproof and Dry Quick, Also for Glass, Metal, Wood, Fabric and More - Nontoxic Paint Marker Pens
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About the product
  • ✿ Medium Point & ✿ Works on Nearly All Surfaces: Our oil paint pens are not only rock painting pens, and you can also use these paint pens on almost any solid surface, including canvas, wood, paper, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, tire paint and more. It is the wonderful paint pens for DIY your own works!
  • ✿ Leakproof & Durable: The paint pens have an even and consistent flow that prevents leaking. Airtight caps prevent inside ink drying out. Enjoy an extremely creating design feeling with Dafunna Paint Pens!
  • ✿ Water Resistant & Quick Drying: The benefits of our newly updated 18 color pens: Water Resistant & Permanent Color & Quick Drying More inviting effect with a hint of shine water-resistant!
  • ✿ Japanese Tips & German Ink: Our marker pens are Japanese pen tips, which is a better material to improve the ink export rate. And we selected non-toxic and high-quality German ink to provide better adhesion and more vivid, durable opacity and gloss, very suitable for marking and DIY painting on various surfaces.
  • ✿ Add 3 Professional Painting Brushes: We prepare 3 professional painting pens to help you deal better with the details when creating works. We selected wood material to make the using experience better! They are better and suggested to use with watercolor and need to clean immediately after using them!
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Great pens!
These pens are AMAZING! Great flow and coverage, my kids and I paint rocks for fun and have tried some not so great pens.... so trust me when I say that these are amazing!
Nice paint markers
Really nice paint makers. There are lots of colors and the size of the marker is good. The paint flows freely and smoothly. We will be using these to paint rocks and on a bird house.
Love being able to apply paint with a pen!
The pens are easy to use. I LOVE being able to draw with them, in paint. I've struggled before, trying to paint words or small designs using paintbrushes, and these pens are a fantastic way to solve that problem! They also work on ceramic - I found that you can paint on a mug and then bake the mug to set the paint.I tried painting over wood, and I would suggest priming the wood first since the paint in the pens is so expensive and the wood soaked up the paint and needed another coat.
Christina Blue
Kept the kids busy!
I wanted something to keep the kids busy. This was great for rock painting. Highly pigmented and the paint kept flowing in a good way. Lots of color choices and i should say it’s value for money. We only used it for one afternoon so i hope it lasts long.
P adventures
Write on anything!
These are fun markers that write well on glass, plastic, cardboard, anything. They are opaque colors so they mask the color of whatever you are drawing on. I'm not sure why they included the 3 paintbrushes though as the "paint" dries really fast, there is no time to spread it around with a paintbrush.
Surprisingly good
I bought these to paint some terra-cotta flower pots. These paint pens had a great variety of colors and were pretty inexpensive. They were nice and smooth and fun to work with. My daughter came by and took them all so I suppose they looked pretty nice.
Laura S
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