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Pigs Defy Profanity : Volume 1 - The brutal fill-in-the-blanks party game! Certainly more British and definitely a whole lot more Brutal!
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About the product
  • Pigs Defy Profanity - The brutal fill-in-the-blanks party game! Certainly more British and definitely a whole lot more Brutal!
  • Includes 112 cards (80 White Cards and 32 Blue Cards) designed for seamless integration.
  • Showcase your deepest, darkest, most immoral and quite frankly disturbing humour with our brutal UK specific pack.
  • You might have noticed we've re-branded and slightly changed our name. Don't worry, it's exactly the same horrible content as before.
  • No pigs were harmed in the making of this game (we think).
  • From the makers of 'GET CRUNK' the brutal drinking game.
What Our Customers Are Saying
Absolutely brilliant....
Ok, so I played this as part of the cards against humanity first expansion pack, but as we went through the game we had to stop doling out the CAH cards because these were just so much more to our taste/sense of humour level. The ace play of the game had me frightening my neice I laughed so uncontrollably hard! (Sorry baby neice)So the black card was 'Alexa please add ...?... to my shopping list'. So my sister had just got Alexa, and we were by fluke in the only room 'she' could hear us, and the only person who had set her voice control up was my sister.So my sister quietly reads out 'Alexa please add..... Theresa May's landing strip ..... to my shopping list' well so far so funny until unexpectedly as we'd forgotten all about the Alexa, Alexa's voice came back with 'I have added Therese May's landing strip to your shopping list'!!!Cue hilarity while the phrase was repeated several times as my sister tried to get the item removed from her list.OMG the best laugh of all of 2018.
caroline fishpool
... the original 'Cards against humanity' packs ( which is perfect for me )
I found these cards to be far more rude and crude than the original 'Cards against humanity' packs ( which is perfect for me ), and very very funny. Will definitely be purchasing more of the expansion packs.
James Ward
Very dark humour
Arguably more brutal than its American cousin, this deck is certainly not for the faint of heart.Buy at your peril and find out who your truly despicable friends are, preferably laughing right along with them.
Alexander Fairfield
Brilliant, cheap, and a great pairing with vodka.
I'll be perfectly honest, I bought this instead of CAH mainly because of the price difference (oh the curse of a broke sixth former) and it was utterly hilarious. Played with friends on NYE, definitely an interesting way to start of the new year with a friend reading out "Hugh Hefner's rotting foreskin" while the rest of us cackled. Our group features the radically feminist and not politically inclined alike and we all enjoyed it. Younger players may need to do some quick Googling ("What's Chester Bennington and rope got to do with-OH! Oh." - my dear friend who apparently lives under a rock) but a brilliant game if your humour is as dark as mine.
Amazon Customer
A great addition to CaH! Some brilliant cards that are UK themed. It helped to produce this wonder that reduced everyone into tears of laughter for a good 10 minutes!
Jamie Cockburn
Piss my pants funny
I bought this as a smaller, lightweight version of the original established card game and it was perfect for our family holiday! The answers and questions seemed more ‘cough cough’ outrageous and definitely hit the spot!
17% off
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