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  • MISWAK is 100% Organic & known as Natures' Toothbrush and is Recommended by Dentists worldwide and by WHO (World Health Organisation) as one of the most efficient way to improve your Oral Health.
  • MISWAK is 100% Safer than Toothpaste & Plastic Toothbrush as it protects you from contact with harmful chemicals like Trichinosis, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Polypropylene Glycerol, etc present in toothpastes .
  • MISWAK is 100% Effective in protecting teeth from germs - the miswak stick when used for brushing have a natural antibacterial function.
  • MISWAK is 100% Healthier and filled with Phyto-Nutrients that keeps your breath fresh all day long.
  • MISWAK is 100% Beneficial in removing plaque, tartar and stubborn stains.


- Kills bacteria that causes gum disease.
- Fights plaque effectively.
- Useful & effective for teeth whitening & removing yellow stains.
- Helps reduce tooth decay.
- Removes bad breath & odour from mouth.
- Creates a sweet fragrance in the mouth.
- Increases salivation & hence inhibits dry mouth.
- Miswak makes gum healthy due to which the teeth become strong.
- Brushing with Miswak helps in better digestion.
- Miswak enhances the sense of taste. 
- Miswak is also known to cure toothaches & headaches.
- Miswak is also known to cure different illnesses.
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