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Maple Cotton Candy Made from 100% Pure Maple Syrup – Perfect Maple Treat for Parties and Dessert Decoration Single Unit
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About the product
  • SWEET MAPLE COTTON CANDY: Made with Quebec Category A maple syrup, a combination of two classic sweet favorites to treat your taste buds.
  • DELECTABLE PARTY FAVOR: Perfect for gatherings and for all ages! Our cotton candy is an irresistible party favor that you and your guests will adore.
  • MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH: The remarkably soft cloud-like texture and rich taste of our maple cotton candy will leave you wanting more.
  • UNIQUE LUXURIOUS FLAVOUR: Enhance your party treats with our cotton candy, the best pairing for cakes, cupcakes or as something sweet for your signature drink.
  • 100% CANADIAN MADE: Francois Lambert is proud to offer you this great maple product directly from our farm in Quebec, Canada.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Premium taste, forget the cheap cotton candy
This product is premium. I absolutely hate cotton candy, it tastes like industrial sugar..This product however tastes like heaven, it has a great balance of maple taste and light texture.
Bought it for my mom and aunt for Easter as I could not be with them due to covid 19. They loved it. Said the taste was definitely maple which is what we were hoping for. Thank you for a great product. Delivery came very quickly too. Highly recommended 😁
Amazon Customer
OMG - if you love maple and sweet candy you must try this
I just loved the maple sweetness to this cotton candy. Came well packaged and sealed. Eat a little or eat a lot. It can be addictive.
Amazon Customer
Fantastic Cotton Candy
This was fantastic cotton candy. Great taste. Soooo maple-y. Amazing taste while still being super light and fluffy. Excellent choice. Will totally be buying again.
Une excellente découverte !
Wow ! La gourmandise par excellence !
Patrick Landry
Great taste
Great taste, very addicting. Always ensure that you seal the top right or it will shrink into a hard little piece of sugar.
Michael Brown
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