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OMOTON Screen Protector for iPhone 11/ iPhone XR Screen Protector, iPhone 11 Tempered Glass Film [3 Pack] [Installation Frame][9H Hardness] [Anti-Scratch] iPhone XR/ iPhone 11 Glass Screen Protector
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About the product
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Special Design: The laser-cut dimension provides maximum protection for the display area of your iPhone XR. (The curved edges cannot be covered but case friendly)
  • Easy Installation: Our guide frame and bubble-free adhesive make it's easy to install this iPhone XR screen protector
  • Scratch Resistant: This 9H tempered glass screen protector can effectively protect your iPhone XR from unwanted scuffs and scratches.
  • SmoothArmor: OMOTON developed TCD technology to achieve good anti-fingerprint properties. And the high-transparency provides you with clear HD viewing.
  • High Response: Only 0.3mm thickness maintains original response sensitivity, ensuring quick app launches, smooth video playing and gaming.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Overall, a great buy at an even greater price!
These are the best! One of the greatest benefits is that it’s fingerprint proof! And your face doesn’t smudge the screen. Spotless and clear viewing, no matter how much you touch the surface! It was easy to install, with all the tools necessary, such as an alcohol cloth to wipe away finger prints, tacky paper to lift off dust particles and a soft cloth to polish the phone screen to a shine before placing the provided template over the phone to install the protector. And it attached immediately! As long as you follow instructions to a T and not take any shortcuts, you'll be pleased with the end result. The price is great, too! I definitely recommend these screen protectors.
Very good and works great, I'm on my second order!
I bought these with our new iPhone XR's and was happily surprised when my wife dropped here phone in a Restaurant and after pealing it back found it saved the screen. So a few months later, I was getting into the car and as I pulled my phone out of my pocket and it slipped and fell face down on the pavement... I felt so worried! Then I pulled back the screen protector only to find it was fine. Just received my second order and couldn't be happier about it. This product verifiable works!
PERFECT!!!! Cannot even tell I have a screen protector on.
I bought the Omoton Glass Screen Protector for my IPhone SE and it was the first time that I had a screen protector that was so perfect -- I could not even tell I had a protector on. If not for the fact I had an extra one still in the box, I honestly would have questioned whether I had put one on. So needless to say, when I upgraded to the IPhone XR, I bought it again. Still just as perfect! Extremely easy to put on, and looks great - again, can’t even tell I have anything on the screen. In the past I would buy 3-5 protectors at a time (because I would need that many before I could get one on without bubble etc). This time I received 3, but only needed 1- and such a great price. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!
Perfect screen protector for Iphone Xr lover
This is my first time using Omoton product. The first impression I can say it is very impressive!Omoton provide 3 glass screen protector, 3 set of installment tool such as wet paper, and sticker for dust remover and Guide Frame (make my life much easier thank you Omoton.)-Easy to install 10/10Just follow their instructions and you will get perfect arrangements screen protector under 5 mins with 0 bubbles and dust.-Feeling 9/10After I finish install the screen protector, i been text with my friend for non stop and this screen protector make me feel like I didn’t put anything on my phone screen. This screen protector quality pretty good.-Duration -/10Not sure yet since i didn’t drop my phone, will update when i drop my phone in the future.-Case Friday 10/10I’m currently use Rhinoshield mod NX case (good brand for case highly recommend) and my phone screen protector won’t have any problems at all.Conclusion Omoton screen protector is very good quality with good price. If you are looking for the screen protector for your “iPhone Xr” I highly recommend this
Nat L.
Easy to install, perfect fit, extremely durable!
Wonderful screen protector. I keep keys, headphones, credit cards, and my phone all in the same pocket of my briefcase when I go to and from work, and this screen protector hasn’t seen a scratch yet. Plus, with 2 extra screen protectors in this pack, I get the peace of mind knowing that there are backups in case something did happen to the screen protector. Installation for this was cake! Just a couple minutes and it was done. They provide all the tools you need to install the screen protector. No bubbles, perfectly placed where I wanted it on the phone, and the whole thing comes in sterile packaging so there’s no dust hidden underneath after you put on the screen protector! One thing you might notice from the pictures is that the screen protector doesn’t cover the front-camera and sensors for FaceID. That does leave an important portion of the phone exposed to damage, but I also have no idea how putting a glass screen in front of the camera and sensors would affect functionality. So, if it would make Face ID or my front camera less effectiveness, I would rather that part of the phone be exposed anyway. Great buy!
Bryson King
Cracked Immediately, Fluke?
Update 11/18/18: Omoton sent me a replacement screen protector and it went on perfectly. The cracking of my previous screen protector was definitely a fluke.We got this 3 pack because we got two iPhone XR phones and both needed to be protected. The first screen protector went on perfectly. The second had some tiny air bubbles so we used a credit card to try to smooth them out. The second screen protector cracked all over from the credit card edge rubbing against it. I do have a spare screen protector since it is a 3 pack but it is a bummer to need it right away.
Julie Bartlett
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