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Instant Pot LUX60V3 V3 6 Qt 6-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Sauté, Steamer, and Warmer
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  • Instant Pot Lux 6 qt Multi-Cooker, combines 6 kitchen Appliances in 1, pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté, steamer, and warmer, prepares dishes up to 70% faster to support your busy lifestyle
  • Built with the latest 3rd generation microprocessor technology, up to 240 minutes pressure-cooking up to 24 hours delay start, automatic keep Warm up to 10 hours, 3 temperatures in saute & slow cook
  • Healthy, stainless steel (18/8) inner cooking pot made from food grade 304, no chemical coating, 3-ply bottom for even heat distribution, fully sealed environment traps the flavors, nutrients and aromas within the food
  • Power supply: 120V – 60Hz
  • Power: 1000 watts
What Our Customers Are Saying
If nothing else, do it for the boiled eggs! DO IT!
Last month my husband threw me on the Instant Pot bandwagon by purchasing this one and I don't plan on getting off anytime soon. I have three young boys who demand all my attention all day. It's been so hard getting dinner on the table and the idea of cooking is just daunting. I hate cooking. I hate figuring out what to cook. I hate not having food readily available. ENTER: the Instant Pot. It hasn't solved all of my life's problems, but it has made the dinner situation a lot better. At least having a meat cooked (in a fraction of the time, without having to tend it) has made life a little easier. At first I was pretty scared of the thing. I was eager to use it, but heard the horror story about the mom who burned her daughter when she opened it. This resulted in a lot of people being scared of the machine, myself included. After researching her story (as to not make the same mistake), I learned that she had disregarded the instructions and tried to force the Instant Pot open. THAT IS A HUGE "NO NO." If you have never read the instructions on anything, READ THESE! Do the step by step stuff it walks you through. Seriously, the first time the steam hole made a whistling noise I jumped (maybe I screamed, maybe I didn't), and I was ready to throw in the towel. I wasn't in the mood to blow my house up that day. BUT, I followed the directions and put my faith in the technical writers of Instant Pot. And they guided me through with skill and ease. I made chicken that night. And it was good. BONUS: If you really want to impress yourself, or your spouse, or significant other, or friends, or whatever, make some boiled eggs in your Instant Pot! If you do nothing else in your life, make eggs. Throw in some eggs, a cup of water, set the time for five minutes, then let it sit for another five minutes. Then dunk them in ice water. And that's it. You have perfect eggs which are EASY to peel. That's right, every time. The shells come off like magic. Egg magic. The most delicious easy-to-peel eggs of my life. They may tell you to buy extra gadgets for the eggs in order to boil them, but I have no problems cooking a dozen eggs at a time all on the provided rack. They touch each other, but I'm sure it makes them happy to be so close? I dunno. But they have never cracked on me. They just come out perfect each time. ADDED BONUS: ok, I've had this puppy for a while now and my favorite thing to make with it now is BONE BROTH! DELICIOUS PURE WONDERFUL BONE BROTH! Back when I was pregnant with #2 I made bone broth in a slow cooker, one of those all day simmering events. Problem was I wanted to throw up ALL DAY. It ruined my life. I was destitute. I exaggerate. But then I realized that it's been a while and I may as well try again. Oh, what's that, instapot? You can do it in a fraction of the time? Less than two hours???! HALLELUJAH. I'm back in business and feeling so thrifty with my homemade bone broth. And ya, I think it tastes WAY better than the store bought stuff.
frankie wright
Why did I wait do long to buy one?
For those of you thinking of getting the Instant Pot pressure cooker, it's a winner! I didn't even blow mine up today as accident prone as I have been. Browned a pot roast in sauteed onions and garlic right in the pot using the "saute" setting, added 2 cups of water and some bay leaves, closed the lid and set it for 55 minutes with a delayed start of 2.5 hours. While we were at church, it cooked the pot roast and kept it warm. Got home, turned it off, removed the lid and added fresh carrots, celery and potato chunks, a little cornstarch in water, put the lid on, used the "steam" feature and in 5-6 minutes we were ready to eat! The meat was moist and delicious and the vegetables finished and tasting like I cooked for hours. I am loving it.
Amazon Customer
I'm so cheap it's not even funny. My crockpot broke
Buy it. I'm serious. I'm so cheap it's not even funny. My crockpot broke, so I decided to try this as it was the same price as a large crockpot. I regret NOTHING. I can make rice in minutes Eggs have never been easier to peel Bone broth doesn't take DAYS IT EVEN MAKES CHEESECAKE.
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