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Hamelin 150 Pages 1 Subject College Ruled Hard Cover Double Wire Notebook, 8 x 10", Ruby Red
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About the product
  • High quality notebook: Optic paper weight, extra smooth, bright, paper you can write on both sides. Heavy-duty construction with tear-resistant covers, double wire, and extra-wide durable pockets.
  • Designed to stand out from the crowd.
  • Innovation: scribzee is a free app that allows you to easily scan, store, organize and email your notes. Now you can easily access your notes from where and whenever.
  • 8"X10" small format 1 subject notebook, college ruled, micro perforated sheets, 150 pages
  • Heavyweight 90Gsm, ultra-smooth, bright white Optic paper allows you to write on both sides of the paper with no show through of ink
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Hamelin Notebooks Rock!
From the moment you touch this notebook you know that a lot of thought went into the production and manufacturing of this notebook. You will find that it has a very good quality build that can take a lot of wear and tear. It’s got a hard front and back cover and a double spiral backing that make this notebook very durable. Most importantly once you write on this paper you realize it’s high-quality. The OPTIK paper is extremely smooth and works well with ballpoints, roller balls, pencils and fountain pens without any feathering or ghosting or bleed through. The notebook has a pocket at the front that is great for placing envelopes or other paper items. As a nice touch the notebook also includes some peel and stick labels that let you personalize and a fix them as a bookmark tabs The notebook has a pocket at the front that is great for placing envelopes or other paper items. As a nice touch the notebook also includes some peel and stick labels that let you personalize and affix them as bookmark tabs. All in all I am really impressed with the quality of the notebook and the quality of the paper is just stunning. What I find also exciting is the ability to use the SCRIBZEE app with the Hamelin notebook to scan and save my notes in the cloud. As a heavy Evernote user I was excited to see that I could link the app and have my notes automatically sent to Evernote Evernote user I was excited to see that I could link the app and have my notes automatically sent to Evernote. I am really excited with the release of this notebook and plan to use it as part of my every day carry.
Brian S. Friedlander
I'm a paper nerd and I *love* this notebook
I'm pretty fussy about paper. When I'm just taking notes for work, I'll use any old notebook. But when it's a personal project, I really like high-quality notebooks with excellent paper. This Hamelin notebook is one of those. The paper is bright white, crisp and heavily sized, meaning it doesn't absorb ink at all, even fountain pen ink. Very satisfying to write on in any medium. There's a gimmick that comes with the notebook -- an app that allows you to snap photos of the pages and put them in Evernote or another program, thanks to framing corners on each. I don't have any use for it, but if you regularly share notes, it could be very helpful. Finally, this has a VERY hard, rigid cover, which is a huge help for carrying it in a bag. I'll be buying more of this brand in the future.
Jeddy 3
sturdy enough that I'm using it as a journal
I use spiral notebooks all the time for keeping track of lists, to-do items, notes, all sorts of things. It's old school but it works for me.My intention had been to use this notebook the same way, but the cover is so sturdy and the pages so responsive to ink and pencil that I decided to use it as a journal for things I want to record basically permanently. So far I've been using it for yarn projects, writing down notes and attaching pieces of yarn to the page, but also for instructions on repairs, for writing lists I'll need to refer to repeatedly for a while, just anything that I want to keep in a notebook that I know won't fall apart on me.My ballpoint pens (mostly medium point) work incredibly well on the paper, but so do some black and gray art markers. Most don't seep through to the other side, because the paper is thick enough to handle it. The pages don't come loose from the spiral easily.This would be a great notebook for a class that had notes you would be referring to later on in other classes, too.
S K Jones
Way better then a plain notebook!
What a beautifully made notebook. I didn’t expect anything special but this is such a well made notebook. It features a hard cover front and back which I really love, I always seem to have the paper covers come off. It has a very heavy duty, double spiral binding in a large gage ring size so the pages turn easily without binding up. The paper itself is much silkier then usual and a nice weight, it feels luxurious if that’s possible in a notebook! There are slots cut at the top of each page at the perforations for easy page removal. It even includes labels that are color coded. There is a page for your id info should you lose it. Then the next page is a two sided pocket for storing loose papers. This notebook even has its own app called SCRIBZEE you can scan using the page markers and securely save your notes and access from anywhere. This is the coolest notebook I’ve ever seen! I really like this, I recommend it.
Paula G. Cannon
Nice solid back for page support if writing without a desk - normal rule
I enjoy paper to jot down notes, ideas, plot points, etc. I really like this notebook. The back cover is sturdier than most notebooks so that you can write sitting outside in a camp chair or on a bench. It doesn't go all bendy over your lap making it difficult to control your writing so you find out later its nigh unreadable.I prefer a narrower space between lines because it helps me keep my writing neat. Let's face it with laptops, smartphones, and pads - I hardly write with a pen any more so I need all the help I can get to keep it readable and narrow rule pages really help with that. But, most notebook - if not all -- are standard rule except for the rare exception.So, since complaining about what is difficult or impossible to find - I'll celebrate the fact that the notebook isn't bendy and that it is easy to use. There's even a nice double-sided pocket page inside the front along with some sticker tabs to section off your notebook to customize it for your own uses. All in all a good all-purpose notebook.
Kindle Customer
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